SLO County shutting down popular Paso Robles roadside stand

May 8, 2017

San Luis Obispo County officials delivered an eviction order to a popular roadside produce stand in Paso Robles, angering customers and prompting a petition drive.

The family-operated stand has been selling produce, including locally grown strawberries, at the corner of South River and Charolais roads for several years. The business reportedly does not have the permits needed to legally operate at the location.

County officials are ordering the business to leave the location by May 31.

Meui Saelee, the owner of the produce stand, said her family was shocked by the eviction order. The pending eviction is devastating because the stand is all her family has, Saelee said.

County Building Division Supervisor Art Trinidade said officials are working with Saelee to help get her a new stand with proper permits. The county says it is considering extending the eviction time frame.

When customer Nancy Peck heard about the eviction order, she launched a petition calling for the county to extend the closure until the end of produce season. The petition now has more than 500 signatures.

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Wonder if all the roadside produce stands that pop up every weekend have the proper permits or even pay tax’s on money earned? We need to get a special task force together and approve all the overtime needed for our police force to take care of this unacceptable behavior by people trying to make a living and also supplying fresh fruit that actually doesn’t taste like cardboard.

There is more to this issue but I guess we need to hear complaints instead of facts. The County is being very accommodating just don’t try to get, let’s say the CHP, to fix a speeding ticket.

We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

The government likes to have their hand in everything. And people can say and do everything they want–but it will make no difference because it is too late. The founding fathers used to call for revolution regularly to prevent this. But people are too busy in front of their television.

I find it quite strange for any extension. The willows market in Nipomo has been operating legitimately with permits, license, etc. Yet, the article I read with regard to a sewer smell issue stated the water may possibly be shut off. This stand was not legit and should be told to close. There are standards in business that MUST be followed PERIOD!.

The business reportedly does not have the permits needed to legally operate at the location.


What else needs to be said?

Are they supposed to get special treatment while all other businesses in Paso have to toe the line on regulations and pay their business license fees?

Granted they need a permit. However, the planning dept in the county is run by a bunch of fools. They don’t even have a simple oak tree ordinance the one can pull off the county website.

Has anyone stopped to think how long that stand has been there ? Funny the County waited until now to pursue this. It was complaints People ! wake up. Probably from legitimate business !

So, this family business has been conducting business at a public for several years without the necessary permits which is called an illegal business. Pardon me, they should be thankful they were given this free time. Any other business in this County, setting up a business on a corner with out necessary permits or paying required fees and inspections would be escorted out. Set up a food stand and see how long you last. If the people whinning about this little inconvenience want to help, good, go find a zoned location, required parking, pay their fees and acquire their permits.

This is not acceptable and should not be extended by the County as it sets a bad example especially with marijuana sales on the horizon. Shut them down and do the right thing and they should be able to find there own new location with permits and pay the required fees. Are they going to have to pay back charges, or they paying their fair share to the State Board of Equalization, State and Federal Income Taxes? That is how you conduct business! Why should my dollars be used to help this longstanding illegal business relocate. If Supervisor Art Trinidade has time on his hands go help your new boss who we are paying $171 an hour as the new Planning Director. No wonder government is so corrupt!