SLO County to fight back against illegal pot grows

May 25, 2017

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 Tuesday to file lawsuits against marijuana growers operating in the California Valley who allegedly violated a county urgency ordinance. The ordinance forbids marijuana grows that had not been established on or before Aug. 23, 2016.

On Tuesday, the supervisors voted to authorize the county to file litigation against five individuals and businesses who have violated the urgency ordinance. County Counsel Rita Neal then disclosed the board’s decision.

“The first five actions will be filed this week in superior court and will focus on cultivation in the California Valley,” Neal said.

SLO County is seeking temporary and permanent restraining orders on the growers accused of breaking marijuana rules. County officials allege those growers are creating a public nuisance and using unfair business practices.

During its closed session hearing, the board also authorized litigation against other growers found to be in violation of the urgency ordinance.

“But that litigation will not only focus on the Cal Valley but other areas of the county as well,” Neal said.

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I get all the comments, and the satire that comes with them!

But it does need to be regulated, if Pot growing is going to be a commercial venture, it needs to be treated that way!!

Your next door neighbor having grows on residential zoned property would be similar to having a hog farm next door, the smell of either would be over whelming!!!

Legalization shouldn’t become a free for all, I don’t really care about the taxation aspect, but having rules that show consideration to the community should be of up-most importance:)

How interesting that we are so trained now that we assume that all commercial ventures must be “regulated.” Why? If your next door neighbor has a hog farm, and you suffer damages from that (which can be a broad range of things) then you have cause to take them to court. Perhaps we should be streamlining the court system and limiting the regulation. Regulation takes the approach that the victim is the state, who usually collects all the fines, and it assumes that there is always a victim when a regulation is violated. It serves to fill the state coffers and limit competition and liability, especially after the regulatory bodies are “captured.”


Exactly! Well said. Regulation is nothing more than taxation and central planning.

If I am damaged by my neighbor and my neighbor is following “regulations” we have no recourse. In our county, this looks like Justin Winery pumping massive amounts of water to the point that neighbors must re-drill their wells. Justin can’t be to blame, cuz regulations protect them.

On the other hand, minus the regulations, if I can show that my neighbor has damaged my property in court…..problem solved.

Regulations are nothing more and nothing less than bureaucrats intruding into the marketplace, picking winners and losers, based mostly on who contributes to campaigns, etc.