Are California Democrats manipulating the system?

June 17, 2017

Josh Newman

Amid objections from Republican lawmakers, California Democrats slipped a provision into a budget related bill on Thursday that will help thwart an attempt to recall Josh Newman, D-Fullerton, further fanning allegation of wrongdoing by both parties.

After Newman voted to increase the state’s gas tax, a recall was started against him that if successful would have gone to a vote shortly after the Nov. 1 start of the gas tax hike. An overwhelming majority of Californians object to gas tax increase, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Shortly after the recall effort was announced, Chevron donated $500,000 to the California Republican Party, to help fund the Newman recall effort.

Democrats cried foul contending the Newman recall effort has employed misleading tactics such as saying the recall will reverse the gas tax, which it will not.

California lawmakers then came to Newman’s defense on Thursday and passed a budget related bill with a provision that changes the requirements for qualifying a recall petition for the ballot. These changes are likely to delay Newman’s recall vote until a general election, which generally favor Democrats.

Now Republicans are noting their disgust at the tactics Democratic lawmakers have employed to hold onto their supermajority.

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“Are California Democrats manipulating the system?”

Of course they are and have been for years. If we had any Republicans in this state with guts, or a lawyer or legal team that believes in the constitution and is willing to stand up to the legislature regarding things like this and more importantly to expose our corrupted electoral system in the state we would be able to regain control of our state. Frankly the state of California needs it’s own version of Trump.

Do we now know why the Dems are accused of making tax increases the cure for overspending. Also one has to consider why so many public employees retire in a different state and or in another country. Can you blame them for leaving when they got theirs at 50 or 55 and have to watch their once good neighbors go to work,

I’m no fan of such provision. But I do believe that recall was EXTREMELY misleading. The sign-gathers were promising a reverse in gas tax if people signed up. That is not the case and it was a tactic for gathering signatures.

What’s even worse is, this recall started by someone who doesn’t even live in the same district. A recall is supposed to be used under extreme circumstances – not because you just don’t like someone.