Dystiny Myers story aired as episode of murder show

June 17, 2017

The premiere of the second season of “Murder Among Friends”, which aired this week, showcases the Dystiny Myers murder, albeit with a slightly altered storyline.

Set in “Nipomo County,” the episode consists of characters playing Myers, Rhonda Whisto, Ty Hill, Frank York and Cody Miller. Interspersed is actual footage from the Myers murder case, as well as interviews with past and present Tribune reporters who discuss the murder in present tense.

“When firefighters extinguish a California brush fire, they unexpectedly ignite a twisted murder mystery – rife with forced prostitution, burning jealousy and an almost unthinkable mastermind,” a preview of the episode states.

Murder Among Friends is aired on the Investigation Discovery channel, and the episode “Date With Dystiny” can be viewed on the channel’s website. Also, at least for now, the episode is on YouTube.