Man who killed Arroyo Grande girl denied parole

June 3, 2017

Tami Carpenter

One of two men who beat, strangled and killed a 10-year-old Arroyo Grande girl in 1979 was denied parole last month. This is the eighth time the state has found Randy Cook, now 55, unsuitable for release.

Cook was one of four people convicted in the murder of Tameron “Tami” Carpenter in July 1979.

The victim had accused William Record of molesting her at an Ice Cream factory in Arroyo Grande and at a swimming pool in Avila Beach. Shortly before the child was slated to testify against Record, her body was found in a shallow grave in Avila Beach.

Investigators discovered Record, then 54, had paid his step daughter BranDee Tripp, her husband Hilton Tripp, and their friend Cook, to kill the girl to keep her from testifying. The three conspirators kidnapped the child from a grocery store, took her to a remote campsite in Avila Beach where Cook and Hilton Tripp beat and strangled the child.

Record and BranDee Tripp were convicted of second-degree murder. BranDee Tripp was paroled in 2008, according to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Record died in 1984, shortly before his conviction was to be overturned on a technicality.

Both Hilton Tripp and Cook were convicted of first-degree murder.

San Luis Obispo County Deputy District Attorney Nik Dandekar argued successfully against Cook’s release at a Parole Hearing on behalf of the State of California.

On July 26, Hilton Tripp is scheduled for a parole consideration hearing.

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There was a time in our beloved San Luis Obispo County when the worst crime was some knucklehead high school kids, with a drivers license playing “Mailbox Baseball”…

I remember this innocent kid, oh so well, wishing she had a Dog for her protection and listening to the so many people wanting to drag him out of his county jail cell and see that justice was upheld?

I will admit that my being in favor of a tar-and-feathering the monster, then string him up in front of our county courthouse, by my attorney Father blasted me for the thought of those taking the law into my their own hands…

He was right, yet, it was the beginning of the end to what used to be San Luis Obispo County, California….

Can you imagine? Someone comes to you and offers 1000 bucks to kill a little girl, and you actually do that!~?

What kind of trash mentally does that sort of thing? What sort of IQ must you possess? I looked up the pictures of the perps and they look like normal human beings, but clearly they are not.

There are some people in this world through their behavior and decisions forfeit their right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” these are classic examples.

Cook, along with the rest of the murderers should have executed in 1979.

As a bleeding heart liberal I agree completely. What about the victims? Where is justice for them?

In my fantasies I dream of turning over the culprits to the survivors, see what happens then. I imagine we wouldn’t spend a lot of money housing the creeps.