What is happening to California?

June 3, 2017
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


First we have the recent push by state prosecutors to charge 86-year-old Edith Knight for making a phone call at a polling place. Then John Burton, chair of the California Democratic Party, flips a double bird at the president of the United States, daring Donald Trump to cut California off from federal funding that is so sorely need by this crazy state. Indeed, should the Golden State be renamed the state of insanity?

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a champion of the “sanctuary cities”and “sanctuary state” movements, has been determined to put an elderly widow behind bars for making that phone call.

Thankfully, the court just rejected part of Becerra’s case out of hand for the political stunt that it was. Yet he is still more than happy to coddle an oft-convicted felon and illegal immigrant who was deported five times before murdering Kate Steinle in San Francisco last year.

Then just this morning, it was discovered that the boyfriend just arrested for the murder of his Nipomo girlfriend had been deported last August. Will Becerra now come to his rescue? Shouldn’t AG Becerra focus more on prosecuting killers rather than phone callers?

Becerra and Burton are only the latest purveyors of such nonsense. Given such behavior by our state’s political leaders, perhaps California deserves to be cut off from federal funding. To paraphrase a statement made by Joseph Welch during the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s: “Misters Becerra and Burton, have you no sense of decency, sirs?”

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>”First we have the recent push by state prosecutors to charge 86-year-old Edith Knight for making a phone call at a polling place.”

Come on! Try “30 – 40” admitted. At least. With a Debbie Arnold campaign phone.


For an election worker. That’s pretty bold. She says she was just trying in a non-partisan way to “get the vote out”. Yet googling her after reading this story I found that she is “an elected member of the Republican Central Committee” and that she, and (I assume) her husband, Delbert, are BIG donators to the Republican party, having officially given around $7,500.




Also, the D.A.’s office (from the Tribune article above) “offered to dismiss the charges and any fines if Knight agreed to admit guilt and apologize. She declined.” So that meant the taxpayer, that’s you too, Keith, had to foot the bill, “her legal expenses were supported by the public”.

Playing the innocent ‘little old lady’ doesn’t cut it.

I’m not surprised though that Debbie Arnold’s campaign was involved.

It’s not a problem Keith. Our goofy “welcoming city” council members plus two members of the board of supervisors are more than willing to open their doors as “sanctuary homes” for these fine individuals. So no federal funding is needed.

Those you mention are not opening “their” doors, their doors stay closed behind the gated communities, country clubs and private estates and are only opened for developers and others with larger enough checks for the cover charge. They want us to open our doors or mainly our tax dollars.