Nipomo murder suspect appears to be recently deported immigrant

June 2, 2017

Julio Cesar Alonso

The 24-year-old Nipomo man arrested for murdering his girlfriend appears to be the same person who was profiled in a news article last year after being deported to Mexico.

Last August, The Desert Sun, a Palms Springs area paper, published an article about a 23-year-old man from Santa Maria who had just been deported to Mexico. The name of the man was Julio Alonso.

Prior to being deported, Alonso spent two years in prison for a parole violation followed by eight months in an ICE detention facility, according to the Desert Sun. Alonso’s criminal record is unclear, but the article stated Alonso claimed his parole violation was an arrest for driving without a license.

Early Wednesday morning, Julio Cesar Alonso, a 24-year-old Nipomo man, stabbed to death his girlfriend Paulina Ramirez-Diaz, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. Ramirez-Diaz was found dead with a stab wound in her neck at a home in the 600 block of Pomeroy Road in Nipomo where the couple lived with Ramirez-Diaz’s parents.

Alonso’s mug shot from the San Luis Obispo County Jail appears to match a photo of the man profiled in the Desert Sun article. The Desert Sun report also stated Alonso had a girlfriend and a 4-year-old son in Santa Maria.

Ramirez-Diaz’s Facebook profile, which contains photos of her with Alonso, states she was living in Santa Maria.

Authorities have yet to comment on Alonso’s immigration status.

Paulina Ramirez-Diaz and Julio Alonso


Ah come on now, he’s just misunderstood. Maybe mama didnt coddle him enough and he’s still angry about it.


California’s prisons are over crowed because of scum like this. The state should pay Mexican prisons to hold people like this for us. It would be a great way for the state to save money.


Why should we pay anything? Mexico should be forced to imprison their own criminals.

Kaiser Bill

Many of these liberals like Adam Hill are rich and don’t have to suffer the consequences of living around illegal aliens. Adam Hill lives in a gated community, he no longer lives in Grover with the hoi polloi like he used to before he became Supervisor.


Kaiser Bill No Supervisors in the article, stay on topic.


I’m sure the parents of Paulina Ramirez-Diaz will reach great solace knowing that they sacrificed one of there own for cheaper lettuce and strawberry’s:(


Until a few high ranking politician’s family members are murdered by an illegal, nothing will change. Republicans look the other way for the cheap labor, democrats want the permanent underclass for votes and lifetime government dependency.

Families such as this girls pay the price for politics.


Wait a minute…..back up the ICE truck. Not only will he never be executed, he will no doubt be offered amnesty, provided a tuition free education, free medical, a drivers license, car insurance, a state job. an opportunity to go to law school…and even become a judge someday.



Don’t forget about the attorney to help him avoid deportation.


Yea sanctuary cities.


Or, more appropriately, Criminal Hideouts.

(hat tip @RealJamesWoods).

The Identarian

His employer should be sued by taxpayers to recoup costs associated with this uber dirtbag!

Kaiser Bill


So why hasn’t work started on a wall yet. Now a woman is dead and a recent deportee will rot in prison for years until he’s executed.


He will never be executed. out in 15 at best then deported then back in the US to kill again.


Remember AF Veteran Marilyn Pharis……and vote every dem/RINO out.