SLO County employee arrested for distributing child pornography

June 1, 2017

Alex Rosen


Arroyo Grande police arrested an administrative assistant for the San Luis Obispo County planning department on May 16 for allegedly possessing and distributing child pornography.

After a short investigation, police served a search warrant at 35-year-old Alex Daniel Rosen’s home on the 700 block of Evans Road in San Luis Obispo and discovered hundreds of images of adolescent boys and girls engaged in sex. Officers seized one laptop, two desk tops and six external hard drives.

The Arroyo Grande Police Department is part of the Child Exploitation Task Force and takes a proactive approach against child exploitation throughout the county, said Shawn Cosgrove, Arroyo Grande Police Department investigative sergeant.

“We are very, very proactive on all cases of child exploitation,” Cosgrove said. “Preventing hands on offenses is our ultimate goal.”

Following the search of Rosen’s home, officers asked county technicians to search planning department computers Rosen had access to for child pornography. It has been determined that Rosen was not downloading child pornography from county computers.

Officers arrested Rosen for possession and distribution of child pornography and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.


Beh Daho, did we touch a nerve there. Do you have something to hide?


Another fine example of the great recruitment and retention process of local government. How many lowlifes work for local government? Based upon on the articles about the misdeeds of local government employees it is likely a 50/50 split.

Ben Daho

Really Hijinks2? You really think we can tell what someone does in the privacy of their home is the H.R’s responsibility?

Child porn is illegal and sick and should be punishable and I hope I never find anyone that is involved in that because I know 1st hand what it’s like to be violated at an early age.

I’m ashamed people think that recruiting and retention has ANYTHING to do with that. I have met the person involved many times over the years and he NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about sex. He never was anything other than professional because I was dealing with him in a professional setting. How would ANYONE know the habits of someone if they were not involved on that level.

Look at the recruiting and retention of clergy. where is your outrage on Pennsylvania’s college recruiting? Specifically the author of the book “touched” Jerry Sandusky.