Has CalCoastNews been taken over?

July 18, 2017

Rumors that San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill, blogger Aaron Ochs and/or Charles Tenborg have taken over CalCoastNews are false.

On June 19, Charles Tenborg registered an LLC that appears to be affiliated with operating CalCoastNews. After Tenborg registered the LLC, “CalCoastNews/SLOUncovered.com” Ochs again claimed on line that CalCoastnews had been taken over.

“CalCoastNews has a new owner,” Ochs wrote on July 17. “In the end, the victory is ours.”

But Tenborg’s LLC has nothing to do with the operations or ownership of CalCoastNews.

Questions have come up about whether this is an attempt to trick readers into believing that the content on the site is not genuine CalCoastNews reporting. An even more serious concern is whether people who comment on the site are being tricked into revealing their identities when they post comments critical of San Luis Obipso County officials.

CalCoastNews continues to protect the personally identifying information of the people who have posted on CalCoastNews.

Following Tenborg’s filing, multiple commenters, readers and sources voiced concerns that their private information could lead to online harassment. On Facebook, Mathew Kaney questioned why CalCoastNews had not informed the public about Tenborg’s alleged takeover.

“Attention/caution: CalCoastNews is now under the ownership of Charles Tenborg,” Kaney wrote. “Aaron Ochs, who of course denies being part of any conspiracy to harm CCN, is now gloating about how the conspiracy he was part of (victory belongs to “us”) was victorious. So happy to live in a country where there is no justice whatsoever anymore.”

Rest assured that CalCoastNews remains an independent news source.

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Were living in a time of change, change not only in the way the reporting of news and events that shape our destiny are handled, but change in life style and what we fight for believing more important the things which in the big picture really don’t matter as much as we would like giving credence too.

Seems our attention is purposely being diverted, much like the way a magician switches our attention to what he wants us the direction to look, doing so all awhile as he, like the masters of trickery play us fools in order to gain the wealth for themselves they seek.

So rumor has it that CCN is now in the hands of those who sued, doing so because their ego’s were bruised by the reporting of truth they couldn’t take.

Why should all of this come as any big surprise, after all as Christians those who claim such should know who it it is thats really in control of this system in which we now find ourselves in.

If actions towards others are not done with the purpose of building one up, or to point out a pitfall a misguided step one is about to take then what is the point of reporting anything if not to help lift the human race up to a higher state of awareness.

Point fingers and shout how wrong the other was, choosing a winner on how loud the appoint screamed and kicked just like a little immature child.

The sheer foolishness in which the human race is behaving is a total discrace.

With minds like those who take the highest seat to lead are setting the example, tell me and others where all this nonsense is going to lead if not straight over the cliff, causing the end of a decent face of humanity to shine, what a shame is it not that were not further ahead than this.

Can you hear the children crying, asking, “what’s left here for us after all this?

For those who rather get their news and information for nothing more than to be entertained, then look not to Dan Blackburn and Karen Velie and a small handful of others who are your real tried and true journalist who are brave enough to swim against the tide in order to keep a decent society fully informed.

Embedded journalist are the ones who for the sake of keeping their jobs, the ambitious ones who climb the ladder of success will say and do anything to get ahead, even at the cost of not relieving the truth.

This is not to say there are not those who will put up a fine fight, those in the business of news and those who have sworn to stand up and do what’s right in the arena of politics, sadly however those types are becoming few and far between.

Be true to yourself and omit this is the way life has become, face it, we are living as foretold deep in the times of the end of this system of things and something big is about to be ushered in.

All the signs are there set before our eyes,all we need to do is open them and face what no longer can be hidden away from the writing on the wall.

Yea, Pete, you are no longer a Fascist, you are now a Socialist and soon to be a legal marijuana Socialist! You are a nice guy in general but definitely your views are totally UN-American and have always been since the 60’s!

Aaron Ochs??? didn’t we dispatch this little snowflake in 2015?

Uhhh..he’s considered a “floater.” You know, it just won’t flush.

Adam Hill posted on Facebook that two people in the exam with Velie told him that she was obstructing justice. Then both Ochs and Hill said it was a crime that Tenborg’s server had trouble finding Velie. Then their low-brow followers repeat the false claims of crimes on social media. What a vile gang of misogynistic dopes.