Bicyclist killed by train in Goleta

July 22, 2017

A bicyclist wearing headphones was hit and killed on July 20 by an Amtrak passenger train in Goleta.

Shortly before noon, 51-year-old Edmund Alexander Backus was riding his bike on La Patera Lane near the train station when he was hit from behind by a northbound train. The conductor blasted the horn repeatedly but Backus appeared not to notice.

The engineer, who was already slowing down for a stop, applied the emergency braking system but was unable to avoid hitting Backus.

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I see now. I checked other sources and this article in correct. He was riding on the tracks.

“He was riding on the tracks.”

Wow. You just can’t fix stupid.

I don’t get it. I just looked at a map for where La Patera and the railroad track get close to each other in Goleta. It runs parallel for a shot distance, and does not cross it. I don’t see how he could be close enough to the train if he was actually on the road.

Here’s a Google map of the street:,+Goleta,+CA+93117/@34.4376755,-119.8454295,352m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80e940f091d1c93b:0xc290c8da585b4c20!8m2!3d34.4586397!4d-119.845151