Cal Poly student crowned Miss California

July 3, 2017

Jillian Smith

A Cal Poly student now holds the crown of Miss California after winning the state pageant held in Fresno on Saturday.

Jillian Smith, 22, is a broadcast journalism senior at Cal Poly who comes from Grass Valley. Smith won the title of Miss Yosemite Valley prior to competing in the statewide event.

At the Miss California competition, Smith performed a piano piece as part of a talent contest. She also donned a bikini and other outfits. After hearing her name announced as the winner, Smith nearly fell to the floor in shock.

Smith has been competing in Miss California events for six years. Saturday’s pageant was the first time she won a competition. Smith now moves on to the Miss America event, which will take place in September.

Regardless of the outcome of the national pageant, Smith will represent California for the course of the next year. Part of her mission will be to expand “dude. be nice.” — a project launched by an apparel company to make people feel appreciated.

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Daaaaaayyyyymmmmnnnn she’s fine!!!

When a beautiful, talented woman makes something of herself, wins a $25,000 scholarship, and the opportunity to move to the next level (Miss America) she should be highly congratulated. If she were my daughter my pride in her accomplishments would be without bounds. All the effort that it took to excel in the Miss California pageant aside, just to be accepted to Cal Poly, successfully getting to the point of graduating from one of America’s premier universities, and maintaining a clear heart and mind alone deserves our greatest respect. The buttons must be popping off her parents vests.

She looks ready for Fox News! (Is it still around?)

“She looks ready for Fox News!”

Well, now, let’s not forget that Liz McDonald is on Fox News, too.