Pismo Beach man charged with kidnapping, sexually assaulting woman

July 27, 2017

David Ebrahimi Ardebili,

A 38-year-old Pismo Beach man is in San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of kidnapping to commit rape and sexual penetration with a foreign object while the victim is intoxicated.

Atascadero police arrested David Ebrahimi Ardebili in Paso Robles on July 19, according to press release. Ardebili is being held in SLO County Jail with his bail set at $1.1 million.

Authorities have released sparse details about the case. The Tribune reports SLO County prosecutors charged Ardebili with the two offenses, plus a count of assault with intent to commit rape. Ardebili could go to prison for life convicted of the charge of kidnapping to commit rape.

Ardebili’s attorney, David Vogel, told the Tribune the criminal case is the result of a misunderstanding. Ardebili, who works as a chef at Lady Luck Cafe in Paso Robles, met the alleged victim while she was in town visiting family, Vogel said.

They ended up at Atascadero Lake Park, where the woman later told police that Ardebili assaulted her, the defense attorney said. The woman also told police she remembered her phone had been placed in Ardebili’s truck, which resulted in the kidnapping charge, Vogel said.

Ardebili appeared in court last Friday, and he is due to reappear for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 3.

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The phone was actually placed in the trunk of his car…..according to the article. Apparently he has done the same to other women too. Had a restraining order on him. This guy is a real creeper.

Are we going to find out what the result of the preliminary hearing was????

Sparse details on the kidnapping charge for sure. Phone placed in his truck results in kidnapping charge. Huh?

No means no. In this case no means life in prison?