SLO Council gives approval for Grossman’s San Luis Ranch

July 19, 2017

The San Luis Obispo City Council endorsed developer Gary Grossman’s San Luis Ranch project on Tuesday. The proposed development will now go before the SLO County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), which will consider a request by the city to annex Grossman’s property.

Grossman, a major donor to SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill and Hill’s political allies, owns the former Dalidio ranch that was the center of a longtime development controversy in San Luis Obispo. The ranch is a 131-acre property between Highway 101 and Madonna Road, which is currently located outside the city limits.

Plans for San Luis Ranch include up to 580 homes on 40 acres, as well as 60 acres of organic farming and open space. Grossman is also proposing 200,000 square feet of commercial space, 150,000 square feet of office space and a 200-room hotel.

The homes Grossman plans to build range from 250-square-foot apartments to 2,200-square-foot houses. All of the homes would be constructed on small lots, which would be no larger than 3,200 square feet.

Gary Grossman

On Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo council voted 4-0 to certify the final environmental impact report for the development and approve a city general plan amendment and other related plans. Likewise, the council started the annexation process by authorizing city staff to submit an application to LAFCO.

Councilwoman Andy Pease recused herself because she had done work for RRM Design Group within the past year. RRM design is serving as Grossman’s project architect.

Unlike Dalidio’s abandoned project, Grossman’s planned development has consistently overcome regulatory hurdles. Previously, the SLO County Airport Land Use Commission set limits restricting the plans of developers, like Grossman, who seek to build high-density housing on the city’s southern edge.

Yet, the last SLO City Council voted to override the commission and allow high-density housing near the airport. Another planned high-density development in the area, the Avila Ranch project, is expected to go before the city planning commission in August.

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I think everyone should be concerned. Once there was a good plan about growth. Obviously politicians and lawyers changed things to suit themselves.

The building around here is going on at an astounding pace. Boom & bust, and everyone was waiting and itching for it to start again. You can’t go anywhere without running into a major construction site.

At what point does a developer ask themselves if they’ve done enough? Maybe time for something different? Philanthropy? Just curious.

There goes the neighborhood!

A decade ago when this was a County decision, a Prado Rd. off-ramp was necessary, with a good portion of it required by the traffic impact of this project. At that time, the developer chose not to pay for his impact and the project stalled. Who is mitigating the traffic impact now?

Ripped off again by our council. Been going on for years. The so called progressives on this power mad group of crooks are a disgrace.

Grossman lives up to his name and is a piece of crap but the power lies with the council and they are making good on the bribes and lies from those who would destroy our area for money. Shame on them, Shame!!!!

The so called mayor is a particular disappointment, no better than the last one. New boss same as the old boss…

This place is finished. Open space, low human density and flowing (light) traffic are things of the past here. None of this is for residents of the County, you already can’t turn around without bumping into someone ‘new to the area’. Let’s pave it all and fill it with people from the already ruined parts of the Golden State that they’re fleeing. Love traffic? Standing in line? You’re gonna love it here!

BTW, that 250 square foot apartment thing has GOT to be a typo. My bathroom is that big.

Being “new” here is not a crime. I work here and have to drive an hour to get here. I’m very tired of the provincial, inbred idea that no one whose great great grandparents were not born here does not belong. Suit me, I’d like to have a small place here too. Can I rent your 250 sq ft bathroom Marie Antoinette?

I’ll be your huckleberry….

It is usually the type of people who move up here and then refer to us as “inbreds” that are not welcome.

What makes one a local or not? Good question.

For me personally, if you know what BENO’s was you’d be here long enough to call yourself local. ……and get a free pair of jeans.

Don’t forget to add the influx of tourism on the weekends and holidays. Their impact on our lifestyle and infrastructure is the awards that a very few will reap especially the government when they cry the blues that they have to work too hard and need more people. We the property tax payers will pay for that too.

What use to be a nice place has just been put on fast track just to be another tourist trap destination for the profits of a few.

I can clearly remember this period in my life, a place to park your car, in the thick of it and music everywhere.

Let us also remember the annual increase in Cal Poly enrollment. I go to SLO once every 2/3 for my car service, Costco, Firestone. My car is coming out of warranty, someone told me Scotty’s BarBQ in Atascadero is as good or better (or can go to Cambria Main Strreet – same owners), and Smart and Final is carrying most of my items now. I am a Native SLO and find it disgusting to go into town any now. All those folks from Northern, Southern and Central California have moved in, are making the same mistakes they made in their communities before retirement and now come here and have destroyed Coastal California. We are becoming Santa Barbara faster than that handshake with a donation greasing the palm…. MONEY MONEY MONEY, MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!

And why shouldn’t the city council vote for it, Gary Grossman paid good money for them he should get something for his money. We all want something when we pay our good money for it.

The City of San Luis Obispo has an application for Salinas River water and will need to annex more land to use it. The North County should protest all SLO annexations until their riparian water rights and can be adjudicated. Negligence will reward the open, hostile and notorious for their taking of North County water rights.

Affordable housing? There is no such thing. By the time the “savings” are accrued on these homes those costs will just be added onto the costs of the remaining homes. The end consequences is that they have made the entire situation worse for everyone else in the county. There is nothing for free, that is unless you are with the government where no one is responsible for the incompetent actions that they take.

Everyone should take a drive up to Templeton and look at the Grossman project at the old sales yard. Those 2 story homes are stacked on top of each other with what appears to be less than a minimum backyard. So much for privacy and quality of life. Any psychiatrist will tell you that density like this is not a good situation and should be avoided. There will be “unintended consequences.”

And no, I’m not kidding.

Kids playing in the streets because they have no yards? Nothing to worry about! All we need to do is post a bunch of those “slow kids” signs and everything will be OK.

Probably would also have to have a $25,000 study to see if speed bumps might be the answer.

Sounds like the way kids play in inner city slums. Hey, just realized that’s this crew’s view of our future — an inner city slum.

This my friends is bribery. There was no hiding it. Gross Man paid off the council in full view of the community. They all took his money and gave him what he paid for. This is your council.

Provided a $5,000 bribe to Rivoire, who had to raise funds to pay his salary. It was so blatant he had to change jobs so he could vote on this turkey. The “law” has a pretty sleazy lower boundary, adhered to religiously by our elected Slocity bums. See