Arroyo Grande man joins supervisor race

August 21, 2017

Jimmy Paulding

A 31-year-old Arroyo Grande man filed papers last week announcing his intention to challenge San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton for the District 4 seat on the board of supervisors. [Cal Coast Times]

Jimmy Paulding, a recent law school graduate, plans to formally announce his candidacy on Sept. 4 during the County Democratic Party Labor Day picnic in Arroyo Grande, according to a Facebook post. Compton, who won the seat in 2014, is a conservative Republican.

“Hi friends!,” Paulding posted on Facebook. “BIG NEWS: I’m formally announcing my candidacy for the office of SLO County Supervisor (District 4) at the SLO County Democratic Party Labor Day Picnic at Strother Park in Arroyo Grande on September 4th from 11am to 2pm. There will be great speakers and good food and beer. See you there.”

Read entire story at Cal Coast Times.

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He’s probably a ‘friend’ of Caren Ray! Loser!

So, this is what the Tribune posted about Jimmy Paulding’s credentials:

“For the past 10 years, he worked in the private sector for Vanir Construction Management Inc. and currently for Arcadis North America Inc. as a project manager and construction claims analyst on government projects, including construction of the new San Luis Obispo airport terminal and the San Luis Obispo County Women’s Jail expansion project.”

Sounds pretty fancy to me for someone who started when he was 21, was a college student at the time, and then onto Law School? Wow, pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Here’s the clencher: This kid Jimmy didn’t even vote in the last District 4 election (2014 primary OR general election), and NOW he thinks he should hold the office!!! No way!!!

A cardboard cutout candidate who doesn’t vote…


In a community that elected Adam Hill….critical thinking and reasoning skills are dead.

This guy has slimeball written all over his never had a job face. 31 and his claim to fame is graduating law school… pathetic.

Das Williams the notorious bad check writer who lives in Morro Bay?

He’s young, has hair and looks vaguely Hispanic. That’s enough for simple minded female and low IQ Democratic voters. Don’t count this guy out. Do you know who Das Williams is? Then you understand my theory.