Judge to Aaron Ochs: ‘Your conduct is troubling’

August 25, 2017

Aaron Ochs

A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge Wednesday admonished Los Osos blogger Aaron Ochs for “inappropriate” behavior and “troubling” conduct for his role as a regular online detractor of CalCoastNews, co-founder and reporter Karen Velie, and her family. [Cal Coast Times]

“You need to step back. Step away,” Judge Charles Crandall told Ochs at the conclusion of a restraining order hearing.

Crandall declined to extend a temporary restraining order originally obtained by Velie following a July 19 incident at the county courthouse.

Ochs admitted during testimony that he had photographed Velie in the courthouse in violation of court rules, and then closely followed Velie down a courthouse hallway while calling out the names of Velie’s daughters. Ochs said he was motivated to name the daughter’s because of information he garnered from a previous financial examination hearing regarding a judgment entered against Velie and reporter Dan Blackburn in a libel suit brought by Charles Tenborg.

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Rich in MB

What your mom told you was true….you can judge a lot about people by who their Friends and Enemies are. If Aaron Ochs was a friend of mine, I would be very concerned and make some personal changes…and FAST.


Aaron Ochs is a local columnist, entrepreneur and founder of SLO Truth. Ochs is also a member of the SLO Progressives club.

This is why I cant be friends with anyone who so much as calls themselves a “progressive”. Even though I sometimes agree with them, they are too self righteous and irritating.

Rich in MB

Remember…another name for Progressives is National Socialist or Democratic Socialist…Bingo


Ochs needs to step away from his obsession with Karen Velie and CCN; it’s not good for his mental health.


A bit late for that isnt it?


Sounds like a valid reason to issue Karen Velie a CCW permit.


Ochs has been riding point for the enemies of CCN because of CCN’s outstanding reporting of events that expose them. Ochs exemplifies a sickness that grips the nation today – where minorities and minority “extreme” voices exclaim untruths while rebuking the truth pursued in the freedom of speech such as that pursued by CCN. Their demented views appear to be fed by the psychic jolly of hearing themselves speak, while being praised by the misfits of their own venue. Truth is served by criticising them while they exclaim such criticism is “hate speech”!