KPRL drops Paso High football games

August 10, 2017

A financial dispute has brought to a halt a 50-year tradition of North County radio station KPRL broadcasting Paso Robles High School football games. [Cal Coast Times]

In June, Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Superintendent Chris Williams decided to begin charging radio stations $100 to broadcast Bearcat football games. Williams then asked KPRL and KJUG to place bids in a sealed envelope in order to gain press box access.

Williams said failure to submit a bid by June 27 would result in fees of $1,000 per game. Neither KPRL nor KJUG placed a bid.

Rather, KPRL opted to broadcast Templeton High football games, and KJUG decided to carry Atascadero High games. As is the case elsewhere in San Luis Obispo County, neither Atascadero nor Templeton High School charge radio stations to broadcast football games.

The Paso Robles superintendent said his decision to initiate a bidding process was prompted by KJUG showing interest several years ago in broadcasting Bearcat games and using the press box to do so. Williams said he is now considering having Paso Robles High livestream its games.

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I think we all share concern over the changes at Paso Robles High School. This current superintendent, Chris Williams, is doing a poor job and obviously doesn’t understand Central Coast culture. Typical of school administrators from the Central Valley, he acts with arrogance and ignorance.

Superintendent Williams fired a very successful CIF championship-caliber football coach who had nineteen years of experience so that he could hire an ex-NFL player who has failed drug test! What kind of example is that for our kids?

I say fire both Williams and the drug testing ex-NFL coach and bring back decency to Paso Robles High School.

Enough is enough.

Bring back decency?

Wasn’t it the alleged indecency of the last coach that got him fired?

I prefer my CIF championships without syrup on top.

Mr. Yan,

Would you prefer your kid be exposed to syrup or drugs?

I don’t see people dying from exposure to syrup, but a lot of kids are ruined by drugs.

The new coach tested positive, so what kind of a role model can he be?

Let me know your thoughts.


And templetukian, why install toxic plastic fields in the first place? Which are linked to cancer in kids, look it up. Why not spend that on arts, trades and science in school instead? Real grass is rediculous too, waste water in a dry area of the world for “sports”. Rome fell as gladiators gained more popularity. Same with sports.

Well, playing devils advocate, football is hazardous to health, we all remember the recent templeton incident and recent peer reviewed studies in regard to brain injury. Secondly, gpa from schools drops and large sums of money are allocated to sports instead of trade skills, art and science. Atascadero is a prime example. Property value is largely based on local schools gpa as any realtor knows, I.e, why investing in a home with a good school is a good thing. The NFL is a very crooked business, stealing large sums of tax dollars for stadiums; watch John Olivers piece on this. Schools should not cater to corporate entities. Science and art are the backbone to advanced society. I am a firm believer sports should be dead last compared to academics. Also, college sports are a corrupt joke as well, and all of the necessities to play sports are way too expensive. Argue you may and dislike, but, facts are facts.

Once again proof that shows these self proclaimed genius’s just how stupid they really are. Charging to broadcast high school football games? This really shows that this person has no concern for participating in long standing community events. He is probably here like the rest of them getting the high salary, benefit packages, retirements and when the community figures out that he is not the person for the job will pay him his severance pay and he will move on to his next gig.. Then we will hear that the school district is in dire financial conditions and plead for more tax money to fund their stupidity while trying to educate our kids.

He has shown his true color so why not just get rid of him now and save of all of the agony that is awaiting us?

LOL. Typical memo-generating self important imbecile wearing an “education” costume.

The players, boosters and their families LOVE listening to the games and it’s free advertising for the school and the team.

This idiot is in charge and dictates policy. He obviously knows nothing about economics, advertising, the concept of goodwill…..and especially he knows nothing about poker!

Neither side submitted a bid…..epic misjudgement and failure. We can only imagine what other silly activity is taking place under such McLeadership.

Another idiot academic administrator trying to increase profits. It’s high school football; it’s great that radio stations are willing to broadcast the games, so why drive them away?

The Superintendent is now trying to do damage control. I hope this leaves a huge black mark on his record.

So, let’s see! Superintendent Chris Williams has dismissed the Football Coach last year, cut off listening after 50 years of assess to our local football team’s games, and has only been here two years. The best is that he will now look into live streaming the games which mean buying equipment, paying someone to do it and then pay someone to announce the game! How is it that we keep getting worst leadership in these appointments but continue to pay each new person more than the prior.

Let’s keep score for this Superintendent: 0 – 2 and better yet, remember this when we elect the next School Board who have sunk under their chairs and have no response for this administrator running amuck!

Can you say “shit show”? Over $100/game?!?!

How else can Paso pay for the $1,000,000s in fake turf fields that they recently installed?

How to pay for it, here’s an idea cut the Superintendent salary and benefits in at least half, how about cutting the salaries of all administrators?