Lawlessness at SLO marijuana festival

August 10, 2017

With billions at stake in San Luis Obispo County’s emerging marijuana industry, questions have been raised about allegations of backroom deals, threats, lawlessness and unequal law enforcement. [Cal Coast Times]

One needs to look no farther than San Luis Obispo’s first marijuana festival in July, to see growers and vendors failing to follow county, state and federal laws regarding events and marijuana sales. Hundreds of people attended and were able to purchase or sample marijuana and marijuana products.

While marijuana is legal under state law, there are requirements for events including permits and following marijuana laws. For example, while medical marijuana is legal, it is not legal to sell pot at festivals.

At last month’s SLO Cup, dozens of vendors sold marijuana and edibles such as THC laced gummy bears and brownies. Other vendors provided free samples of dabs and pot for signing up with their collectives.

However, several county officials said there were undercover officers who bought illegally sold marijuana and who wore video cameras at the CLO Cup.

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Funny. I went to beer fest up in Sac a few months ago and I didn’t see any outrage over that. At least 40 vendors were giving out samples/selling alcohol, and thousands of people were in attendance. Local businesses did great and it looked as though everyone was having a good time. But it’s interesting to think about how people from the 1920s and 30s would have felt about such a venture.


Lets see….there was Cannabis festival, where people “tasted” cannabis, bought it and sold it?

How many people died? How many children were injured? How much property damage was done?

Zero!!! So what’s the crime here? What harm was done? Zero!!

I think cops miss the days when they could get rich by busting pot smokers and seizing all their assets. They’re probably angling on a way to get back to that as we speak.

BTW, crime stats for Cannabis Cups and other LARGE events of that nature in CA are low, low low!!!! Very low! Any typical Country/Western concert or Nascar event will have far more violent crime and property damage than a Cannabis event.


DocT! I concur!!! don’t forget the tailgating at NCAA College games in the south! They generally start late Thursday night (especially if it’s a home coming game or on national TV) and don’t finish until the last fight clears out on Sunday morning! The booze flows unabated from start to finish. You can actually get a map from the NCAA showing all college stadiums that sell beer during the game.


“With billions at stake in San Luis Obispo County’s emerging marijuana industry, questions have been raised about allegations of backroom deals, threats, lawlessness and unequal law enforcement.”

Wait a frickin’ minute! I’m confused here! Are we talkin’ about the SLO Cup or the backroom(s) of SLO’s Board of Supervisors… Same, Same, right?


Dopers breaking the law?!?! Shocking!


Alcoholic’s breakin’ the law?!?! Shocking?! Naaaa! Just accepted as part of doin’ business with the three martini a night alcoholic crowd that have all too often driven drunk and not got caught.

In other words? Shut up with the doper shit already! It’s all drugs buddy, with alcohol having the worst death rate of all others combined. And pot? Not even one from use! Say that about your drug of choice (unless of course you don’t partake in any of it)!


Motorcycling to work today on 101 smelled the evil weed being smoked by commuter. Not a good feeling when you have no cage, seat belts, air bags, or crumple zones to protect you. Be cool, peeps, and don’t drive stoned.


At least you can smell it from a distance! Not so much with drunk drivers though, right?


Cops can’t seem to shake their addiction to shaking down marijuana users. Maybe someone should start a 12-step program for them.


Didn’t you know that we now exists in a sanctuary and verything is ok. It doesn’t matter if they break the laws because our politicians have said it’s ok and to leave them alone.

This is just the beginning, you have not seen anything yet. remember that shortly it will be completely legal and the Old West will be alive again.


Are You Kidding? You must me ’cause your moniker says so….

The Old West will be alive again? Where exactly will that take place? Colorado and Oregon have more roots in the “Old West” then California and it ain’t happenin’ in those states; so why in California?

Excuse me, I gotta get to the OK Corral and circle my bongs ’cause the (good) shit gonna hit the fan; the Blunt Brothers are comin’ to town…


It won’t exactly be the Wild West because if the state politicians had their way no one but them would have guns


Maybe law enforcement was out catching criminals; last I heard, we’re in the midst of a opioid epidemic. Why didn’t the undercover officers cite people on the spot?


What do you think “undercover” means?

Your suggestion kind of defeats the purpose of going undercover :-(

You are right–maybe they should spend their time fighting the opium trade instead of chasing “code” violators of a now legal drug.

You know the drug that actually kills people who use it.


Ohhh the horror, charge up the electric chairs….Oh my they forgot to get a precious permit. How can anyone expect 100% adherence to state and federal law when the state won’t abide by state or federal law?

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