Lawlessness at SLO marijuana festival

August 10, 2017

With billions at stake in San Luis Obispo County’s emerging marijuana industry, questions have been raised about allegations of backroom deals, threats, lawlessness and unequal law enforcement. [Cal Coast Times]

One needs to look no farther than San Luis Obispo’s first marijuana festival in July, to see growers and vendors failing to follow county, state and federal laws regarding events and marijuana sales. Hundreds of people attended and were able to purchase or sample marijuana and marijuana products.

While marijuana is legal under state law, there are requirements for events including permits and following marijuana laws. For example, while medical marijuana is legal, it is not legal to sell pot at festivals.

At last month’s SLO Cup, dozens of vendors sold marijuana and edibles such as THC laced gummy bears and brownies. Other vendors provided free samples of dabs and pot for signing up with their collectives.

However, several county officials said there were undercover officers who bought illegally sold marijuana and who wore video cameras at the CLO Cup.

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Rich in MB

Ants at a Picnic

Crime at a Pot Festival

Hello McFly

But who are we to Judge…we just have to pay for their Welfare Checks and Government Assistance Checks when they can’t function beyond a 13yr old mental capacity.


Right on DocT! Well put!


The only people allowed to go into the “Pot Zone” were medical marijuana card holders. I was at that festival and was not allowed into the “Pot Zone” due to the fact that i didnt have a card. So that tells me that the undercover officials broke the law by not being card holders. Quit this cloak and dagger bullshit. It was put to a vote and the PEOPLE voted it in. California should have been ready for this but alas as usual our liberal government is too busy trying to build a high speed rail no one will ever use. Get the rules in place so that you dont have to sneak around and set people up to arrest so that you can bilk more money out of them.

Jorge Estrada

Yes and when the others realize that a vote can legalize medical prostitution too, ultimately recreational anything will follow.


Jorge Estrada… mean like Nevada? They have prostitution, gambling, drinking and cannabis now. Plus, you can shoot a fully automatic weapon, purchase normal capacity magazines for your gun AND get eggs cooked any way you like.

Are you trying to say the sky is falling?

Jorge Estrada

No, but after your sky there is the crash. Ever here of buyers remorse, the list is very long for bad choices.

Rich in MB

Very Good Point….

Why Not Medical Polygamy?

Medical Hookers?

Putting the Word Medical in front of something doesn’t make it any better.


Leave them alone. Do not entrap them when they’re not committing crime. Smoking, buying and selling cannabis might break some rule, but it is not a crime because in order for there to be a crime there must be a victim of the crime!

The county of SLO and Art Trinidad are NOT victims of a crime. They are merely trying to swindle the citizens of SLO county for money.

Hey, Art and the cops: “We don’t like what you’re doing. In fact, we friggin’ DIS-like it.”

Go find some real criminals to protect us from.


Smoking & selling pot “might break some rule, but it is not a crime”. Wasn’t it you (the pot smoking bunch) who said “make it legal…..we’ll abide by the laws and the government will make tons of money”. Seems to me that when it comes time to follow “some rules” you thumb your noses to it.

Sick of that whole stupid argument.


Did the organizers agree not to sell pot for immediate consumption? Heck yes they did and the stoned crowd couldn’t even make that happen even if it would have furthered the cause for the medically needy. You morons didn’t care which is what caused this mess.

And no, the undercovers didn’t break any laws by not being card holders. The “rules” as you and Doc like to hang your hemp hat on ARE in place and you could care less as long as you get stoned legally. You were a stoned mess before it was legal so I can just imagine how full the bottom of the barrel’s about to become!


I was at the event too, and agree only medical card holders were allowed to go near the goods. It was fun and peaceful. These events are always orderly and calm when alcohol is not allowed.

Aren’t there a lot more important things to get worked up about?


The voters of California voted for legalization of marijuana. This event sounds like a disorganized version of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First.”

If the County of SLO is going to allow these events then planning and code enforcement better step up and institute reasonable standards and regulations for these events.

One commentator here likened what occurred in Avila to a beer festival where free samples are given out. That is a fair comparison.

What the county should do is require marijuana event promoters have an event plan that establishes standards and safeguards that do the following: prevent underage people from obtaining marijuana, ensure exhibitors pay a uniform price for space, ensure that attendees pay a uniform admission price, ensure that private medical and security personnel are present to address any problems and ensure that event attendees do not drive away from the event impaired by marijuana intoxication, especially in Avila where the roadways are already overloaded with traffic in the summer months.

Once a suitable plan is submitted a minor use permit should be issued and the county should follow up by dropping in to make sure it is being followed.

This would be a commonsense way to address the concerns of these types of events without banning them or allowing them to proceed like a three ring circus.


It’s legal now.

Get over it for Christ’s sake.


What is sad here is that people still think marijuana poses some kind of social threat, backwards and backroom thinkers. And what is sad too that law enforcement look for easy ways to hyper tax a populous on technicalities. Sad!


Sad? you dope heads are sad. Personally I feel so much better after chuggin a few glasses of Jack Daniels. Cant wait till drinking in public and driving after a few shots is legal. Yeah for medical alcohol consumption !!!!


You forgot to add /Sarc! LOL


Say it ain’t so!!


Criminal activity? Quick! Someone call Corey Pierce! Oops. Steve Gesell! Oops. Kevin Wadell! Oops. Travis Morris! Oops. Daniel McDow! Oops. Armando Limon! Oops. Jim Fellows! Oops. How about the city council! Oops. Never mind.


Best. Comment. Ever.


One study shows more accidents while one shows no increase in fatalities, what’s wrong with that picture? I’ll give you a clue; Until the legalization of pot you were normally not tested for pot after an accident, even ones that caused death or great bodily injury. The kicker in all of this is pot can be detected MONTHS after ingesting it! So an accident caused last night could have the person causing it testing positive for pot he or she ingested weeks if not months ago while he or she wasn’t intoxicate at all last night.

The numbers will never be conclusive one way or another until a test is used in every type of accident with a base number of cannabis being present that would indicate being intoxicated at that moment, just like alcohol!


I have to agree here; people think pot is “safer” than booze only because it is rarely ever tested for, where booze is easily tested for (breathalizer, et. al.). Anything that inhibits mental clarity (no matter how much recreational fun it is) WILL have an impact on one’s dexterity and coordination.