Morro Bay council endorses idea of two pot shops

August 9, 2017

The Morro Bay City Council gave support Tuesday for a plan to allow two medical marijuana dispensaries to open with the city limits.

After receiving a recommendation from a subcommittee consisting of two council members, the Morro Bay council opted to instruct city staff to draft an ordinance regulating marijuana businesses. The proposal calls for a maximum of two brick and mortar medical dispensaries, but a ban on recreational pot shops, which the state of California will begin licensing next year.

Morro Bay officials also plan to allow medical marijuana delivery services to operate in the city. However, other types of cannabis businesses will likely be kept out of Morro Bay in the near future.

As recommended by the subcommittee of Councilman Robert “Red” Davis and Councilwoman Marlys McPherson, the council called for banning marijuana manufacturing and testing businesses. All commercial marijuana cultivation would also be banned under the proposed ordinance.

Morro Bay previously had a brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensary. However, law enforcement raided the dispensary in 2007 and shut down the business.

The city recently held a community workshop and a public forum to gauge the sentiments of Morro Bay residents on marijuana businesses. At the workshop, city residents indicated they support having medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services, while they are less supportive of recreational pot businesses.

City staffers are expected to present a draft marijuana regulations ordinance to the council in October. Morro Bay officials hope to have the ordinance in place by the end of the year.

If the ordinance is adopted, Morro Bay will become the second city in San Luis Obispo County to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the aftermath of California’s vote to legalize cannabis. Grover Beach, likewise, is planning to allow two pot shops to open, and the South County city received 12 applications for the two slots.

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So let me see if I have this straight.

Marijuana is legal but Morro Bay is going to ban all legal pot shops and ban manufacturing and ban testing.

To make up for it, it’s finally going to allow 2 “medical” marijuana dispensaries–something that’s been legal what, a decade now?

Cities still playing games. 100 alcohol dispensaries, 0 pot dispensaries, and 2 medical pot dispensaries—- in the planning stage.

But pot’s legal. What part of it’s legal don’t the old fogies that run cities understand?

Maybe you missed the part of the legalization law giving power to local cities to ban it’s sale?

Of course they did….is that the Famous Morro Bay Fog or Ganga Smoke?

and besides if the Cities population is high they may not notice the City Government screwing them quite as much.