Santa Maria fugitive shot and killed in LA, child rescued

August 23, 2017

Daniel Morozov

After allegedly murdering his ex-wife, a Santa Maria man fled authorities with the estranged couple’s 9-year-old. But, police tracked down the murder suspect in Los Angles, where they shot and killed the man. [Cal Coast Times]

Around 6:45 p.m., Los Angeles police confronted Konstantin Morozov, 48, as he was leaving a friend’s home in Encino with his son, Daniel Morozov. Konstantin Morozov was armed with a handgun when officers shot and killed him.

Shortly before 9 p.m. on Monday, Morozov allegedly shot dead his ex-wife, Natalia Morozova. Santa Maria police then issued an Amber Alert for the 9-year-old boy, who is a third grader.

After receiving a tip that Konstantin Morozov might be in Tarzana, the FBI informed the Los Angeles Police Department. Officers kept Morozov under surveillance at a condominium near the border of Encino and Tarzana until he left with his son.

Police managed to avoid injuring the boy during the shooting. The child is now in protective custody.

Santa Maria police detectives have ventured down to Los Angeles, where they are conducting a follow-up investigation on the case.

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Bullshit.. there should have been NO GUNFIRE EXCHANGED with the child present, even if it meant he escaped the country.

So you think this child would have been safe with his father? What about the recent case of the father killing his son and burying him at Lake Cachuma?

The police should be applauded for rescuing the boy, even if the father who murdered his mother was shot dead.

And now the kid’s an orphan. Justice indeed.

The child is alive. That’s the best outcome that could be expected.

You’re wrong, again.

I wasn’t there and can’t second guess the police without a lot better information. I do wish that they could have captured the father or killed him away from his son if that wasn’t possible but I don’t know the circumstances. This wasn’t a good outcome but it is hard to tell if a better one was available since letting the killer go free or letting him kill his son too were also possibilities.

Such a sad story for a 9 year child. First, his mother is killed by the father and then the father is killed with the child nearby. I can’t even think about what this child endured prior to this incident and that he will have going forward.

The 20-year old young man that killed Heather in Charlesville was raised by a single mother, who’s father killed his wife and then himself leaving her without parents. She then has this son who has been diagnosed with severe schizophrenia, has a police record of beating his mother at least four times, once severely in the head with a telephone by her son.

You must ask yourself, what is wrong with our society and the world we are currently living in? There is no question that something is severely wrong!

Daniel did not witness the brutal slaying of his mother by his father. He was not at the immediate scene, it is believed. Still, he will know his father killed his mother and his father is now dead. He was already a very shy and gentle boy, I hope he can return to his family (her side, anyway) in Russia. He has an aunt and uncle, as well as grandmother (from her mother’s side) that he may likely be staying with.