SLO County refuses to release jail video tapes

August 5, 2017

Carty (Andrew’s father) and Andrew Holland

San Luis Obispo County officials have refused to release 100 hours of jailhouse surveillance footage that documents the last 48 hours of Andrew Holland’s life through several cameras.

Last week, the SLO County Board of Supervisors agreed to pay $5 million to Holland’s family. Holland died after jail guards left him strapped in a chair for more than 46 hours.

For years, staffers at the county jail have failed to comply with state and federal laws regarding the treatment of mentally ill inmates, according to jail inspection reports.

Following the settlement agreement, the county released a press release that contradicts the video recordings of Andrew Holland’s death, said Paula Canny, attorney for the Holland family. Canny asked members of the media to request the video and report the facts.

In response to a CalCoastNews public records request, County Council Rita Neal wrote that the county would not be releasing the videos.

Neal contends that the videos are exempt from public disclosure because the recording is part of an ongoing investigation and also are part of the jail’s security files used for correctional purposes.


When is Parkinson up for re election? I’m so sick and tired of these beuracrats and power hungry gestapo who think that they are above the law,they are truely outlaws. And the stupid sheople who clammer for them to have more control because they are soooo scared. I long for the day when we don’t need government baby sitters and the government is restrained by the very constitution that was intended to limit them and make sure that their own list for power would be curtailed


The only problem is if the only people ruining against him are from the current department would we really be any better off with one of them? Our only hope is if an outsider decides to run.


Wait a minute..back up the paddy wagon. Wasn’t the pay out essentially an admission of guilt on behalf of the county? Perhaps the county is afraid that the tapes might reveal even more dereliction of duty that could result in more litigation.



Sorry Rita, wrong answer. We need to strap your ass in that chair for two days along with Parke and the rest of the hoodlums that didn’t know how to use the chair. Do we give an officer a gun that he is not trained to use? Complete idiotic morons.


And who says “the cowboys” are all retired and gone.


Rita Neal’s thinking is “here’s your $5 million, enjoy your winnings”. The problem is Andrew Holland’s family does give a f**k about $5 million or $50 million, just the truth.

George Bailey

These tapes are part of the public record, subject to the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), and should be released immediately. I quote the story: “In response to a CalCoastNews public records request, County Council Rita Neal wrote that the county would not be releasing the videos.” Rita Neal ought to be fired, and this cover up of wrongdoing has got to stop.

Sheriff Ian Parkinson needs to be placed on immediate leave and relieved of his responsibilities for tat least he duration of the FBI investigation. One focus of the investigation is the death of Mr. Andrew Holland, a mentally ill citizen who was left locked limb-to-limb under the orders of Sheriff Parkinson. Holland died after being left alone for 48 hours, and potential charges include torture and manslaughter.

If the FBI investigation reveals a ‘callous disregard for prisoners lives’ under Sheriff Ian Parkinson, then it will be imperative that San Luis Obispo District Attorney Dan Dow recuse his office and refer the findings to the state attorney general’s office. Dow could not credibly prosecute Sheriff Parkinson, and even Parkinson deserves a neutral playing field.

I have serious concerns about the ability of Sheriff Parkinson to credibly lead the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s office going forward. The $5 million dollar payout of taxpayer money to the family of Andrew Holland was ‘hush money’ to try to cover up the scandalous conduct of the sheriff and his underlings, and the Holland case ids just the tip of the iceberg.

Enough is enough.


No one is in charge of the sheriff; he cannot be suspended or fired. He only answers to the voters every four years. Next year he is up for reelection. Hopefully a qualified candidate who has experience running a jail will challenge him, assuming Parkinson runs.

As for the video the media will have to go to court and try to convince a judge to release the video on the grounds that the public’s interest in the running of the jail outweighs the countys interest in keeping it under wraps.


Cover up. Circling the good ole boy wagons to protect Parkinsons ongoing House of tourture. How many murders is the Sherriff department allowed to commit under the guise of “the law”? Double the number of deaths since Pretty boy Parkinson took the reins. Let that sink in. Twice the number of deaths since Parkinson was put in charge. The numbers were unacceptable before this latest murder. Not only Parkinson should be fired and charged, At this point whoever oversees the sherriff needs to also be investigated. Parkinson is inept and needs to be personally held accountable.

Rich in MB

Yep…..local Officials seeking the truth and making sure it’s hidden from the public to protect the Prison Guard Unions