SLO man arrested for death threat against vigil organizers

August 24, 2017

Daniel Joshua Phares

Police arrested a San Luis Obispo man for posting a death threat on Facebook targeting the organizers of the vigil held in SLO in the aftermath of the racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Daniel Joshua Phares, 45, admitted to writing the death threat, San Luis Obispo police say. [SLO Tribune]

Phares authored the threat last Thursday, the day of the vigil that aimed to unite the local community against hate and racially charged violence. Phares later deleted the post, but police captured screen shots of the threat before the suspect removed it.

The threat was posted in a thread of comments under a Facebook post announcing the vigil.

When officers contacted Phares, he admitted to writing the Facebook post and said he was venting his frustration, Sgt. Chad Pfarr said. Phares said he later had second thoughts about the Facebook post and deleted it.

Pfarr said Phares was basically sick of views opposing to his own, and he said he thought it was better to vent than actually do something about his frustration. The comment constituted a crime because it included a threat and caused immediate fear and danger for the vigil organizers, Pfarr said.

No one else was involved in the threats. It is unclear which specific individuals, if any, were targeted, but officers worked with the three main organizers of the vigil while conducting their investigation.

Officers arrested Phares and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of making a criminal threat. Phares has since posted bail and been released.

Prosecutors have yet to decide what charges to file. Phares is due in San Luis Obispo court for an arraignment hearing on Aug. 31.

Court records show he does not have a criminal history in SLO County.

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Sunday 9:30 am corner Madonna and Madonna Plaza I have green light to walk, Heifer in car takes foot off brake and drives at me with enough intent to send a message. This has included over the years city public workers ln uniform and on the clock etc and one standout event years ago postal worker in vehicle #017 menacing me all the way down Madonna. You could not fill out enough complaints, cite etc. You the losers not me.

What a fractured mess this thread is. Some whack job loses his mind and any form of self control and he’s compared to the POTUS and Hitler?

Exaggerate much?

Below is my reply to “smile4thecamera”

Keep that camera focused on the protesters, and you will see all the bigotry and hate you can handle…

And you can see them carrying long guns in the southeast.

Although I don’t know the specifics of this “threat” I have pedaled around this town everyday for almost 11 years. I get screwed with everyday! I have had people drive at me intentionally. If I defended myself I would go to jail, the perp would get a medal. This peace love event was staged near the statue of father Sierra, under his watch Indians were enslaved, raped etc. Remove that statue! Maybe this sorry ass police force should get off social media.

Lesson learned? We’ll see.

This current trend of attempting to silence opposing speech is only beginning and it will not end well.

Too true! Can’t WAIT for these right wing militia groups to show up to a word fight with asault weapons to the aid of left wing rallies to support THIER right to free speech. Because that’s all they are doing right? Just there, protecting free speech for all…riiight.

Your reply is not germane to my original comment.

I just got back from my coffee break and was given a death threat by some one on the streets. Others at the light crossing raised their eyebrows, I just chose to ignore him. There are more and more weirdo’s in town and who knows what they are actually thinking. For all I know they once lived in Arizona where open carry is legal. It could be that they moved here where they can say stupid things and live.

BS detector flashing red lights…

Both the far left and far right, need to chill out!!!! Both sides are WRONG and need to get a grip.

One of Furhur Trumps Hitler Youth’s?

Hitler killed 11Million people. Trump wants to reduce the size of government and secure the borders of the United States.

Great comparison. Very insightful and helpful to the debate.

Very Ignorant comment. Racism, Nazi, Hitler, The Third Reich. There are a lot of very angry hateful people. The Nazi party was outlawed in Germany at the end of the war.

Now that word is being bandied around by ignorant people who it seems want to resurrect it here in the USA. The consequences of World War 11 are still very clear in the minds of people whose families were completely destroyed by the Third Reich. To listen to people throwing around Hitlers name, watching “peaceful protests” where people are carrying signs bearing the Swastika the emblem of the Nazi Party is ignorant and disgusting.

I find it devastating to have our President being compared to that evil man.

Perhaps if the President quit applying nuances to bigotry and hate, people wouldn’t compare him Hitler.

Either your head is in the sand or you are a complete and utter idiot!!! Look at all the people that Trump has worked with the last 30 years, from Jackson to Sharpton, the Clintons etc. They ALL had no problem when he was a Democrat. Racist!?? This is complete and utter horses**t politics.

Did you take a stand when Obama didn’t speak out about the terrorist killings naming Muslims (lets not rush to judgement he would say)? Or the cop killings? Like I said both ends need to chill out!!!

“Devastating?” Reread your German history and it will become quite clear to you how similar Trump is to Hitler…particularly with regard to his speeches laced with bigotry racism and hatred in his attempt to unify Germany….and guess what, it worked. and 80 million lives were lost as a result.

So go join your local militia, continue to support the worst President the US has seen to date, and watch the hate a divisiveness grow and the rest of the world watches and laughs at the lack of leadership.

So people who vote for people who honeymoon in the USSR (30-40 million murdered under the Communists) and think that Cuba is a great place are really lecturing small government (as in 50% less government and out of everybody’s business) conservative (wants things to actually work) about Big Government Fascism and how Trump is like Hitler? Really? Ever notice how both extremes want government to crush their foes, also notice how the Liberal anti-Trump press gives these tiny idiot groups the platform to spew their hate…Read your history books again, Socialism, or the theft of others’ property, rights and labor for the ‘greater’ government controlled ‘good’ is always wrong and fundamentally against everything America has stood for.

While I don’t THINK that Trump is another Hitler, the parallels between Hitler’s rise to power and Trump’s rise are too many to ignore. Read the history of Germany in the 1930’s and note the conditions and, most importantly, the rhetoric INITIALLY used by the Nazis and compare them to the Trump campaign. The Nazi’s got worse after they came to power and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Trump and his top supporters could do likewise if not thwarted at this stage.

Exactly! And for all those American’s who don’t remember history, don’t know their history, or choose to ignore it, chances are it will repeat itself with Trump leading the way.

Amazing how this is a false narrative who actually have believers: so 3,000 to say worst case scenario 50,000 neo-Nazis will take over a country of 320 million people and throw us into camps. Yep, ‘Progressive’ math at it’s finest…

Obama rose to power from obscurity with soaring rhetoric and no experience, and an electorate and press that worshipped the ground he walked on. Is he hitler too?

euroamerican says:”Nazi party was outlawed in Germany”

Not in America, we have had multiple nazi party’s over the years. In the 70’s one of the groups visited my little midwestern town in matching outfits, “marching” against integration, the UN and other white power shite. Outnumbered 60 to 1 the state police had to escort them to their crappy suburb.

“where people are carrying signs bearing the Swastika the emblem of the Nazi Party ”

No accidents, they know just what they are doing.

Was PT Barnum ever right!

Lest anyone forget, Nazis were the National SOCIALIST party, ie, Left wing.

Per Stalin, Socialism is the first step to communism, i.e., total government control of your life.

Oh yea you just turned that around.

The nazis and the sons of the kkk are really “the left”, Lol


You mean he wasn’t one of the left’s paid brown shirts ( Antifa )? Think we all will be seeing them and their other communist friends ( BAMN ) at the free speech rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley, after all who else would go after people for free speech. The tolerant people of San Francisco are already taking their dog out to poop in the park where it is supposed to take place.Rumor has Yvette Felarca has use of Berkeley U class room to stir up things, what could go wrong there?