Divorce battle ended shortly before Santa Maria murder

August 24, 2017

Daniel Morozov

Just two months after a contentious divorce and custody battle ended, a Santa Maria man shot and killed his ex-wife.

On Monday, Konstantine Morozov shot and killed Natalia Morozova and then fled to the Los Angeles area with their 9-year-old son. But, police tracked down the murder suspect in Los Angeles, where they shot and killed him.

The couple, both from Russia, married in 2012. In 2015, Natalia Morozova filed for divorce and the battle over money and their son began.

On June 15, the divorce was finalized with the couple agreeing to joint custody of their son and that Konstantine Morozov would pay Natalia Morozova $100,000 now and another $100,000 over the next 10 years, as long as Morozova released her part ownership of their house in Orcutt..

However, the couple was due back in court Thursday to resolve a disagreement over the first installment payment of $100,000 and monthly payments toward the second installment of $100,000.


And exactly why is it critical that the US have an open immigration that allows anyone to come here? I don’t think they came to pick strawberries. “Strength through diversity” is B.S. We have enough people in this country.


Since when is Santa Maria in SLO county?


This summary does not include the info that the wife was thought to actually be married to someone else in Russia.

Mail order bride scam? “both from Russia” does not clarify it. Did he get here first and hook up with her online?

No excuses for the father; he deserved the death penalty, but look at the terrible effect on this child.


Another example of how the SLO County family court system failed but this time, two people are dead and a nine year old is an orphan. I do not have the answers on how to fix the system but it needs to be fixed NOW.


Santa Barbara County, but close….


Konstantin was a loose canon from the get-go. One of the reasons Natasha (diminutive of Natalya) did not return to Russia (even to visit family) was because she feared Konstantin would follow and keep her and Daniel there.

Natasha was such a beautiful woman, very kindhearted and generous with her time. I was thankful that I got to know her and was devastated when I heard the news Tuesday morning.

All of her family is in Russia, out in the boonies, as we’d say.

☦ Вічная Пам’ять ☦ dearest Natasha…


An orphaned child all over money..very sad indeed.


We don’t know if it was all over money. I bet there were lots of emotions at play. I’m not sure how much equity they had in their house, but it seems to me the husband got off fairly easily considering he gets the house and would have had to pay child support anyway.


We literally don’t know ANYTHING about this case. Maybe she was the wage earner? Maybe they were upside down on the home. All we know is that they were only married for three years and yes, the system failed the boy.


There was no money issue at all, really. This was about control. Konstantin wanted them all back in Russia, and was quite verbally (and in the end, physically) abusive. I say this knowing only her side of the terrible divorce, and how she did her best to shield Daniel from the rigors of the proceedings.

Neither of them had much money, especially after the divorce, but Natasha found a job and was getting back on her feet which did not sit well with Konstantin (pronounced Constantine, btw).