SLO prowler spotted but not arrested

August 14, 2017

Stephen Maier

After San Luis Obispo police circulated a video of a prowler who was caught on camera lurking on the porch of a home early Friday morning, a reader of Cal Coast Times spotted the man and officers came out to the scene. The incident ended with a couple citations but no arrest. [Cal Coast Times]

On Sunday, officers arrived at the Sands Inn & Suites on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo where they found Stephen Maier, of Arroyo Grande. Police searched Maier’s vehicle and found the shirt containing an image of a panda that the prowler was wearing in the surveillance video.

Officers confiscated the shirt and issued Maier a citation for possession of paraphernalia and then released the Arroyo Grande man. Maier denied being the person who was caught on the surveillance camera, a witness said.

On Friday, officers also took two reports of thefts from unlocked cars in the vicinity of the prowler. Police did not find any of the stolen items, which included a camera, clothing sunglasses and two chargers, when they searched Maier’s car.



  1. 1965buick says:

    Keep up the gentlemanly work there, Maier. And remember. Karma is, a bitch.

  2. Jon Tatro says:

    A misdemeanor (prowling) not committed in the officers presence has to be filed for charges with the DA. A warrant will be issued for the pinhead prowler in about a month and he will go to jail.

  3. panflash says:

    “Officers … issued Maier a citation for possession of paraphernalia.


  4. Ricky2 says:

    2 photos don’t look like same guy to me

  5. Pete says:

    I see reference to CalCoastTimes, what is that?

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