Attorney costs skyrocketing for AG mayor investigation

September 18, 2017

Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill

An investigation into alleged misconduct by Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill has ballooned from an originally approved expenditure of $15,000 to nearly $50,000 and that number is still climbing. [Cal Coast Times]

In March, a resident of Arroyo Grande claimed Hill had violated the Ralph M. Brown Act and that he had shared an email password with his wife. Several Arroyo Grande Council members with a history of political conflicts with Hill then voted to spend $15,000 on an investigation into the allegations, in which the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District agreed to pay $7,500.

However, officials provided no clear direction for the investigation. An investigator with the attorney firm of Liebert Cassidy, Whitmore reviewed more than 3,700 pages of documents from critics of Hill, many of which had nothing to do with Hill or the earlier allegations. For example, included in the documents the attorney charged to review was a poster of a missing dog.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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The AG Witch Hunt is out of control…..

But you don’t unseat the power structure of the Old Mayor and not expect to take some attacks. That’s the game being played here as a warning to others to not rock the apple cart.

Most government agencies have written policies on who can approve the spending of tax payers money. The buck usually stops at the City Manager’s office where it is detailed what the City Manager can spend money on and how much. Within that policy it will usually state how much the City Manager can approve for spending. After that limit is reached it must go to the City Council for approval.

So this makes it easy to figure out who approved the spending? Either it’s the City Manager or the City Council or maybe someone behind those closed doors hiding under an executive decision so that we will never know.

Does the additional $35k (and climbing) come out of the council members pockets? Get ready for increased fees in AG.

Has anyone ever quantified how much money is wasted on the local, state, and federal level by interagency lawsuits? No wonder all lawyers are democrats.

If this were Adam Hill there would be 80 negative comments. The content and pursuit of this site is great-the commenters are incredibly biased and considers the person rather than the circumstances.

Adam Hill serves a larger area and represents more citizens. It only makes sense there would be a greater response to a story about him.

He appeared on KVEC with his attorney. Not a good move. Nothing to gain when you bring an attorney onto a talk show.

Hill should never have had to hire an attorney. He did nothing wrong.


Caren Ray and the other liberals on the Arroyo Grande City Council ought to be ashamed of themselves, and this abuse of our tax dollars has got to stop.

I think we should all vote NO on any new attempts by Arroyo Grande to impose new taxes on us, and it is obvious through this abuse of process, that we cannot trust our elected leaders to spend our money wisely.

Ironic that they are spending this money investigating Mayor Jim Hill, as the people who should be investigated are the whacky-left libetards who persist on wasting our hard-earned tax dollars.

I say recall Caren Ray, she is political cancer.


What is your basis? Just because she is a democrat? What was your position when $ was spent to oust Steve Adams? Oust him for a personal situation rather than political infractions. Most people who slams others because of their political party is morally bankrupt.

Oh how soon they forget, or want others to forget… Adams “personal situation” just happened to take place in city hall and involved city paid police who not only responded but spent additional time searching for Ms McClish when Adams failed to answer the door and when he denied she was in the building.

If Adams and McClish wanted their risky business to be personal they should have not been conducting it on city property in the wee hours of the morning.

A Candidate running for City Council in 2016 said:

We will not look the other way as our Planning Department collects only 30 % of the fees it should be collecting.

This statement is from an article published by CCN November 5, 2016..

The point is, if true and we believe it is true…

The Planning Department is leaving 70 % of collections on the table and spending more than they have / approved to spend, as we learned in this article.

Question…What are we going to do about it?