Backroom deals, marijuana and Grover Beach politics

September 23, 2017

Mayor John Shoals and Councilman Jeff Lee

Amid allegations of threats and backroom deals, Grover Beach has whittled down the list of candidates for two medical marijuana dispensary slots to seven. And at the top of the list of seven are applicants who are political donors to a pair of council members or connected with a local lobbyist who likewise contributes money to the two politicians. [Cal Coast Times]

Several marijuana business owners argue that the final choices have already been made. The winners for the two coveted dispensaries, which are expected to bring in millions of dollars in revenue every year, were predetermined.

In addition, several leaseholders in the marijuana zone say they have been threatened and intimidated to give up leases by people involved in the cannabis industry.

The top seven contenders include a local pot businessman who has engaged in questionable activity, including promoting his weed brand at children’s events, and a team of applicants intertwined with the League of California Cities, a powerful nonprofit that has lobbied cities on marijuana policy.

Read the entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Corey Black, John Shoals and David Mullinax? Folks it doesn’t get much dirtier than this. If this doesn’t raise any suspicion to the FPPC, State Attorney General or our local District Attorney then we must assume that SLO County really is a sanctuary County.

The new spawning ground is at

What happened, this article has been posted for several days? Is everyone on vacation?