Backroom deals, marijuana and Grover Beach politics

September 23, 2017

Mayor John Shoals and Councilman Jeff Lee

Amid allegations of threats and backroom deals, Grover Beach has whittled down the list of candidates for two medical marijuana dispensary slots to seven. And at the top of the list of seven are applicants who are political donors to a pair of council members or connected with a local lobbyist who likewise contributes money to the two politicians. [Cal Coast Times]

Several marijuana business owners argue that the final choices have already been made. The winners for the two coveted dispensaries, which are expected to bring in millions of dollars in revenue every year, were predetermined.

In addition, several leaseholders in the marijuana zone say they have been threatened and intimidated to give up leases by people involved in the cannabis industry.

The top seven contenders include a local pot businessman who has engaged in questionable activity, including promoting his weed brand at children’s events, and a team of applicants intertwined with the League of California Cities, a powerful nonprofit that has lobbied cities on marijuana policy.

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Don’t support it, and it won’t be a problem.


IMHO…Marijuana dumbs down the population


It does to a small extent but no worse than alcohol. That is not sufficient reason to outlaw it with the resulting costs of enforcement, courtrooms and jails. Beyond that is the disrespect for the government that is bred by hypocritical laws that keep two forms of harmful drugs legal while another that is no more harmful is outlawed.

Jorge Estrada

I am a citizen of the United States of America not California. If California conveniently has legalized laughing grass then grow it and sell it via local government enterprises like the RV Parks, Camp Grounds, Golf Courses and now, the County Vacation Rentals (log cabins at Lopez Lake). Yes, farm it where it can be supervised in public viewing and sell it at County owned stores so that this California sanctioned law can fund our roads, D.A.R.E. programs and (oh yes) underfunded pension account. This is no laughing matter or it is a laughing matter, your choice, your example.


Any money derived from the sales, licensing and taxes will all go towards the salaries, benefits, reti9rement and unfunded retirements for government employee’s. The only thing that we will see will be an increase in our taxes and fees to par for the criminal activities that will accompany the legalization od marijuana and the implementation of sanctuary status.

Jorge Estrada

This is why Gov should grow and sell it. The people with then get what they asked for and everyone will get the services they have already been taxed for. Paramount to this exchange, Gov will be culpable for their representation of what they claim to be the general public…?


The big problem with government growing it is that they are often masters of bureaucratic inefficiency.

“So what?” you say. Well, as much as many seem determined to regulate private cannibis businesses out of business, those would still be more efficient than government growths and sales. If prices rise too much, people will either grow it themselves (far harder to regulate) or they will go back to buying it from illegal growers and distributors.

This could happen anyway due to over-regulation but is almost certain to happen if the county (or cities) try to run the businesses directly. Just imagine what it would be like if they tried to monopolize the wine industry from growing grapes to selling the final product. Can you say “moonshine wine?”

Chris R

Legal marijuana is a nightmare for lawmakers. It’s literally a weed that anybody can cultivate, but throw in concentrates, dispensaries, and independent growers and red tape magically materializes out of thin air. It’s almost easier to keep it decriminalized but outlawed.


I guess that since every crime these days is going to be protected under the sanctuary system that maybe these politicians will just be bold enough to come out in the open and show their arrogance against all of us. How many times does Shoals have to be exposed with his contributions that he does not report until he gets caught and then says he sorry and will repay them and be forgiven. Plus at the same time being a front man for PG&E. I wonder how many people in our prisons who have secured less money than some of these politicians would like to say they are sorry, pay back whatever they took and go back to business as usual after learning how to be a better criminal?


When I think about SLO county, I envision many brown paper bags full of money being passed around. Gee, last I looked there is a liquor store or alcohol tasting room on every corner in this county, not to mention a bajillion acres of grapes draining the ground water supplies.

Here’s an idea. My six outdoor plants (in crappy coastal growing conditions) put out about five pounds of flowers per year at an end cost (after initial investment) of about $5/ounce. That’s a lot of flowers, particularly when people will try to sell the same stuff to you at $350/ounce. I’ve thought about this for a few years now, but I think I’m really going to do this. I’ll be offering my services to neighbors at a nominal fee to get them started on their own outdoor grows. It’s easy. It’s a plant; the plant does most of the work for you. All you need to get started is a doctor’s rec and some initial startup costs for modest supplies. After one growing season, these people will then have the knowledge that they can help others do the same. If people pass around their excess flowers, corrupt government agencies will lose their income flow. Moreover, I trust my neighbors not to use poisonous chemicals on their product; I don’t have the same trust for the stuff delivered to my door. The day for distributed grows is upon us.

Black Copter Pilot

I see that most of these articles refers the reader to the new Cal Coat News site. I’m taking that as to abandon this CCN site and register at CCT.


Another perfect example of business as usual in SLO County. Sooner or later there will be enough wagons coming to town where finally they may get surrounded. Hopefully then the State Attorney General will come after these criminals since i do not believe anything will ever become of anything as long as it is all local players.


Me thinks should do some homework on our State Attorney General (appointed by Gov Brown after Karma Harris won Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat – you want to talk corruption look no further than Sacramento). We are totally doomed!



Look, I am all for well regulated weed shops. I just think “well regulated” means educating the Public coming in to your shop, it means making sure that people aren’t a menace. It means that Public Safety needs to be as important as profit.

I want to know how these applicants are being approved. Besides their business plan, what is their health and safety plan (if any?)

I am tired of idiots making decisions about things they do not understand.

I don’t even know what else to say about our current state of political affairs anymore.