SLO man accused of death threat has disdain for Islam, polygamy

September 1, 2017

Daniel Joshua Phares

The San Luis Obispo man accused of posting a death threat targeting the organizers of the vigil held in SLO in the aftermath of the racially charged violence in Virginia is a vocal critic of Islam, polygamy and Black Lives Matter and is simultaneously an outspoken advocate of environmentalist causes, according to posts on his Facebook page. [Tribune]

Daniel Joshua Phares allegedly admitted in a police interview that he authored a Facebook post threatening the lives of the organizers of the vigil held last month that aimed to unite the local community against hate and racially charged violence. Phares also allegedly admitted to later deleting the post.

San Luis Obispo police said they captured screen shots of the post before it was removed. Authorities have yet to disclose publicly what the post stated.

However, Mick Bruckner, a Cal Poly student and activist, said the post refereed to the co-organizers of the vigil  as “subhuman pieces of shit.” Phares threatened in the post, “I’m going to kill you and you’re going to like it.”

Bruckner attended Phares’s first hearing on Thursday, along with other supporters of the vigil organizers. The criminal complaint filed by prosecutors names three women as victims and targets of the threat.

Prosecutors have charged Phares with a single misdemeanor of making a criminal threat of death and great bodily injury. Phares has yet to enter a plea in the case.

Previous posts on Phares’s Facebook page show the defendant has made numerous comments on social media ridiculing a variety of groups of people ranging from Muslims to hunters. Pharis has called for the “chemical castration of polygamists” and has said all mosques should be destroyed.

Europe is in the middle of “a stage 4 Muslim infestation,” Pharis stated in a Facebook post.

He also said, “racial integration efforts were fundamentally criminal” but “Asians are quite frankly, ruthless protectors of the environment and family values and should be considered fundamentally critical to the health of any society.” Last year, Pharis shared a video titled “BlackLivesMatter Might Want To Stop Blocking The Roads,” which showed drivers ploughing through protesters.

Though Phares calls for a ban on hunting and has criticized President Donald Trump’s support for hunting, he has also stated, ““perhaps it’s necessary to eradicate Islam/polygamy from the human experience before the animals will get a break.

On Thursday, Phares requested the support of a public defender. He is due back in court on Oct. 12.

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A right wing left wing zealot. Is this a new breed?

A very loose cannon.

How many people have been arrested/charged around here for threatening to kill American Christians (or anyone who is not a muslim? Zero, I think…Selective Prosecution?

I may not agree with this guy’s belief, but lets stay consistent with our decision with who we will accept free speech from and who we will not.

And you have evidence of these threats? Please, more info on the threats to “kill American Christians” that you have uncovered “around here”.

Demonic eyes brimming with hatred. Similar to the dead sociopath eyes you frequently see here, but this guy’s eyes are more lit up….the deal sociopath eyes look flat and as if they could never reflect any sort of concern for human life.


From the look in his eyes it’s obvious to me he’s building an insanity case!

His weird mix of views reinforces that case. Unless he is a militant environmental extremist who believes the only way to save the earth is to forcibly reduce the human population, his rational ability is questionable. If he is such a character, his morale values are badly warped.