Woman caught on camera stealing boots from SLO store

September 2, 2017


A woman stashed a pair of UGG boots in her bag and walked out the door of a downtown San Luis Obispo store on Tuesday, surveillance footage shows.

At about  6 p.m., the woman who police have since identified, took the boots, according to a Facebook post circulated by Kaila Zunich, a worker at Roxanne’s Birkenstock. There was already a warrant out for alleged thief’s arrest for a previous offense, Zunich stated in the Facebook post.

Surveillance video shows a heavyset blonde woman with a tan dress and sunglasses on her head looking at boots and then placing a pair in her bag. She walks out the door of Roxanne’s Birkenstock as a couple workers walk over to her but refrain from following her.

“She is a repeat offender,” Zunich stated. “If you see her out and about — please call the SLOPD.”

San Luis Obispo police are working on locating the woman, according to Zunich’s Facebook post.

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I’d be willing to bet this woman is not the least bit bothered by being caught on camera and now a well recognized theif. She’ll take the slap on the hand and move on.

Being referred to as heavyset is probably what’s eating at her most.


I have it on good authority that the investigation in this case is ‘stalled’, and the perp is evidently related to a local politician.

Awww, the wheels of justice turn slow…and sometimes not at all.

It makes we wonder… If stores put up signs saying they were using surveillance cameras, would be steal less, or are they so stupid that they would steal anyway? Thanks to CCN for giving various stupid/dishonest people their 15 minutes of fame.

She must have had the song, “these boots were made for walkin,” stuck in her head.

The 2 clerks should be fired immediately or completely retrained. They are paying attention to everything (computer, each other, trash) except the only “customer” in the store. Thefts occur when motive meets opportunity.

Nice camera, though. Theft in HD. Should be an easy conviction. Maybe they were a birthday present.

They were working. Taking out the trash is part of their job. someone was browsing and stole. they aren’t being irresponsible.

What is more important, trash or a customer. 2 clerks, 1 customer and she is completely ignored for 5 minutes. How is it possible 1 customer in a store can be stealing and be unnoticed. Unacceptable.

Have those girls come work for you.

Classic SLO customer service: ignore the person who may buy something or order something- look the other way. I swear it must be some kind of reverse training it is so common.

DOING WHAT????????

A ‘high five’ to the owner of this business for having installed a great camera system. That woman was clear as a bell and her crime well documented. Well done Roxanne’s!

She should have just “stalled” them under that bedsheet she was wearing.

Nobody would ever check.

Yes. Likely her next stop was doc bernsteins or powells.

The fat thieving pig.

Just give it a day two. Her picture indicates she is a probably related to the ‘Einstein’ that came back to KFC in Paso after he had robbed the place. She’ll be back!

Some members of the homo sapien species have no inkling of what a camera is.