Los Osos director’s Facebook claims, fact check

October 13, 2017

Director Jon Erik Storm


In a 4-1 vote with Director Chuck Cesena dissenting, the Los Osos Community Services District voted on Thursday evening to increase the pay of its general manager by 23 percent. An increase in pay one district board member argued on Facebook was not a raise. [Cal Coast Times]

On Wednesday, Director Jon Erik Storm wrote that an article on Cal Coast Times informing the public of the boards plan to increase district Manger Renee Osborne’s pay from $78,024 to $98,000 a year less than three months after a 65 percent water rate increase went into effect was misleading.

“Something I’ll never understand about our local politics is what the purpose of publishing misleading blog entires [sic] just to stir people up is,” Storm wrote on Facebook. “This morning, I see the LOCSD has been said to be giving it’s GM a 23% raise. Except that’s not correct. We are bringing Renee on for more time at the same rate.”

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Thank you LOCSD, for letting the residents of Los Osos continue eating more and more cake.

No paved roads or sidewalks – what does the general manager of Los osos even do?

“We are bringing Renee on for more time at the same rate.”

So, in other words, Renee was working part-time for $78K/year? Nice.

“You say potato…”

So when was the last time you Mr Private Sector Employee got a 23% pay increase? Folks when will we learn that these Government Boards and Service Districts are out of control…completely out of control. Rome is burning while the Hacks pad their paychecks and then tell us the old lie that to get good people you have to pay more than the Private Sector. It’s a lie folks…a big fat lie.