SLO County repeatedly failed to correct jail deficiencies

October 12, 2017

Carty (Andrew’s father) and Andrew Holland

More than a month before two men died and a third man seriously injured himself while in county custody, a San Luis Obispo County official said the county had corrected inadequacies regarding the treatment of mentally ill inmates. Following a $5 million dollar settlement to the family of one of the deceased men, the county is again claiming it has changed its procedures. [Cal Coast Times]

For years, San Luis Obispo County employees have lodged complaints about the mistreatment of mentally ill people in county custody. In addition, mandatory bi-yearly investigations have found the jail’s treatment of the mentally ill in violation of state law.

In 2012, several nurses lodged complaints about jail conditions through the county’s whistleblower hotline. The staffers, who have asked to remain unnamed because of fear of retaliation, said their concerns were dismissed.

In 2015, jail inspectors determined that the county had failed to comply with state requirements regarding adequate staffing, policies and the proper use of restraints and rubber rooms.

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Why should Sheriff Parkinson or his staff change, the county will just use more taxpayer money to pay off any families that sue the Sheriff for deaths he is responsible for and neither him or his staff will suffer any real consequences for their actions. Life just goes on as normal inthe public sector.

I don’t care what policies or guidelines are adopted, or how many special trainings are designed and taught to employees, memos, or mandates are put into place.

The bottom line is that Andrew Holland died because people treated him cruelly, with gross indifference to human life, some of them expressing glee when dumping his nearly dead body onto the floor of the cell where he finally died.

Policy changes on paper do not effect, correct or mitigate bad behavior from people who are not accountable for their actions and who are cruelly indifferent to human life.


I did not know that Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull was running the SLO County jail.

Thank you for your infinite knowledge.

Shoot the Messenger?,

I stand corrected on that one, please understand that, although I don’t have Alzheimer’s, I do have part-timers, so occasionally even I get one wrong.

Sheriff Parkinson has allowed his staff to criminally violate these mentally ill offenders, and there is a reason they gave a $5 million dollar settlement to the family of Andrew Holland and they refuse to release the video tapes that would allow everyone to see how Parkinson allows his underlings to behave.

Believe me, it’s criminal.

Dr. Josey wales, Ph.D

Parkinson was 100% responsible for these deaths. Now, the fault is squarely on those who did nothing to remove him from his position after it became clear it was willful gross negligence. At what point does it stop being an “accident”? Parkinson and the county have blood on their hands. But then again we live where cops can drive drunk without repercussions.


Once again, Sheriff Ian Anderson is shown to be doing a poor job in overseeing the San Luis Obispo County Jail, and, in particular, the treatment of mentally ill offenders on Anderson’s watch has been both criminal and deadly. Sad.

The taxpaying public is paying this sheriff to do his job professionally, but we sure are not getting a professional job from this public servant. I say enough is enough, and we ought to just get rid of this sheriff and elect someone who is prepared to do the job properly.

We have already paid out over $5 million dollars in settlements to just one family whose son was killed by Sheriff Anderson, and one has to wonder how many more settlements will be necessary before this sheriff starts to perform his duties professionally consistent with the law?

Speak truth to power.