Los Osos manager in line for 23 percent raise

October 11, 2017

Back row: Roy Hanley, Renee Osborne, Lou Tornatsky, Marshall Ochylski. Front row: Jon-Erik Storm and Vickie Milledge.

Less than three months after a 65 percent water rate increase went into effect, the Los Osos Community Services District is planning to approve a 23 percent raise for its general manager. [Cal Coast Times]

In Oct. 2016, the board voted to make Renee Osborne of Grace Environmental Services its general manager for $78,024 a year. If the board approves Osborne’s new contract at Thursday’s board meeting, it will raise her annual salary to $98,000.

Osborne manages a district that provides water, some lighting and some drainage to about 14,000 residents. Other services such as sewer, trash collection, law enforcement and fire protection are either contracted out or managed by other government agencies.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Where were all you bleeding hearts when the recall board absconded with, and misused over $6,000,000.00 of the taxpayers hard earned money in their feeble, yet exhaustive attempt to obstruct the sewer?????

I have two questions. What kind of education does this woman have? What are her exact job duties.

Even if she divines water, 23% is disgusting given that the rate payers now must fork out 65% more money for the basic RIGHT to water. WTF.