David Boyer enters race for SLO County assessor seat

February 27, 2018

David Boyer

Former deputy assessor David Boyer announced last week that he is running against San Luis Obispo County Assessor Tom Bordonaro for the county assessor seat. [Cal Coast Times]

Boyer, 43, worked as a deputy assessor for five years before recently receiving a transfer to the planning department. A former contractor and business owner, Boyer lives in Templeton with his wife and 3-year-old son.

Boyer is challenging Bordonaro, who was first elected to the assessor office in 2002. Bordonaro has also filed papers to run for office in the 2018 election.

If elected, Boyer said he would provide fairness and personal oversight of tax roll revisions. On the top of his list of changes he would like to make to the appraisers office, is reducing the number of management personnel and stabilizing the operating budget.

“When Bordonaro took office, there were two managers, 87 employees and the department budget was $6.5 million,” Boyer said. “Currently, there are six managers and 85 employees. Now we have over a $10 million budget, up 70 percent. This is because Bordonaro is not there to manage the budget.”

Boyer voiced concerns that Bordonaro’s frequent absences have affected morale. He says there are too many managers, not enough workers and no clear leadership.

“Before I filed papers, Bordonaro was only in the office a few times a month,” Boyer said.

With only two candidates in the race for the assessor seat, the candidate who receives more than 50 percent of the vote in the June 5 primary will win the election.

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In all fairness, Mr. Bordonaro, who is wheelchair-dependent, has experienced health challenges that make telecommuting more advantageous to do his work. The fact that he works from home is not proof that he does not do his job. I feel the burden is on Mr. Boyer to substantiate any failures on the part of Mr. Bordonaro to make such assertions.

I do find it interesting that Mr. Boyer ‘s experience as a deputy assessor totals just five years when his peers in the Assessor’s offices have decades’ worth of experience. How is five years necessarily a qualifier? Boyer has also been recently hired by the Planning Department. Why did he move? I also can’t help but wonder what his supervisors, coworkers and anyone who was passed over for the job might have to say about someone who just got hired for a full-time slot, but has already positioned himself to leave it. So there’s some irony to be found there and his criticism about Bordonaro not “showing up for work.”

As for the Assessor’s office budget, why is the increase considered a minus, and by what criteria has Boyer been able to conclusively determine that Bordonaro has not managed that budget?

David is being very kind to Tom, what he says is the truth, he is hardly ever in the office, claims he’s working from the “ranch”. But this is not the only way he’s wasting taxpayers money what about his nepotism, he has hired friends, maybe not family but some of these people know nothing, yet he placed them in high positions earning lots of money. He knew nothing of property valuation before he ran for office and just as little when he came in. He relied on the staff, (supervisors mostly) to give him an on the job training course. He then allowed these supervisors to reorganize the structure of the office and go figure, these same supervisors where then placed in management positions with extremely high salaries. Tom really needs to go, he’s a friend only to friends, not to every tax payer as he claimed when he first ran. David Boyer has my vote that’s for sure!

There are two organizations I know about, one is the Assessor and the other is the Collector. Is there a legal reason for this separation, does one do the adding while the other does the multiplying? Whatever, we all just write the check.

Why would someone abuse an elected office? So he has no boss over him? Can the board of supervisors do something?

Supervisor Adam Hill is abusing his elected position and he is no longer working and happy about it. I am sure he is busy in other elections not sick. But does not work.

Is this an epidemic?

Vote them both out when possible. You have to fire them!

This is shocking! If someone gets elected they can just not show up and get $170,000 + benefits = $240,000 burden to the taxpayer!!!

How is this ok?

Bordonard needs to get out of the race for Tax Assessor, why hasn’t he quit already?????