Lucia Mar staff disbelieved girl being sexually abused by bus driver

February 27, 2018

David Lamb

Lucia Mar Unified School District officials knew about a bus driver allegedly sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl, but they did not believe the girl was telling the truth, a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office detective testified in court on Monday. District officials then cleared the bus driver, and he continued abusing the girl, according to the court testimony. [Cal Coast Times]

David Kenneth Lamb, 49, allegedly abused the girl, now 11, repeatedly while she was riding on his school bus. Lamb is accused of exposing his penis to the girl, showing pornography to her and penetrating her vagina. Lamb allegedly admitted in an interview to exposing himself to the girl and accidentally showing her pornography, but he denied most of the allegations against him.

Last June, detectives arrested Lamb on multiple sexual abuse charges. Lamb is now facing four charges of lewd acts with a child under 14, two charges of sexual penetration of a victim 10 years old or younger and one charge of sending or sharing harmful material with intent to seduce a minor. He has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

On Monday, Lamb appeared in court for a preliminary hearing. Detective Devashish Menghrajani, who said he interviewed Lamb in June and sat in on the alleged victim’s initial interview with witness counselors, testified during the hearing.

Menghrajani testified that the sexual abuse occurred from approximately Jan. 1 to May 30, 2017. The girl said she was often the only passenger on the bus with Lamb for about 15 minutes each trip, Menghrajani said.

The sheriff’s detective testified the girl said that throughout the five-month period Lamb showed her pornography on his cell phone, touched and penetrated her vagina and exposed his penis and made her touch it. The girl said Lamb showed her pornography about 10 times and touched her multiple times on different occasions. All of the incidents occurred when the girl was alone on the bus with Lamb.

While testifying about his interview with Lamb, Menghrajani said the defendant waived his right to remain silent and said the girl is manipulative and that she was retaliating against him for a previous instance in which he told her to sit down on the bus. Lamb admitted to exposing his penis to the girl twice, though.

Lamb also said he may have inadvertently exposed his penis to her once while he was adjusting his shorts in front of her, and said he may have inappropriately touched her when she either fell into his lap while he was driving or was pushed by another student, Menghrajani testified.

The bus driver also said during the interview that he would regularly urinate in a water bottle in the back of the bus when students were not present and that he gave the girl candy to reinforce good behavior, Menghrajani testified. Lamb likely violated school policy by giving the girl candy.

Under cross examination, Menghrajani said the girl had been placed in an involuntary 5150 mental health hold and had been in trouble for behavioral outbursts and not following bus rules.

It is unclear at what point Luci Mar officials are alleged to have learned of the alleged sexual abuse. Menghrajani testified that a school district supervisor assumed the girl was not telling the truth.

Lamb currently remains in San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $100,000. He could face a life sentence if convicted of all of the charges.


Heads should roll. District administrators responsible for putting this child with this bus driver–alone again–have to be removed. Will everyone in the county have to get involved to see that they leave? So, be it.

Jorge Estrada

If Lamb admitted to exposing himself to a child, why isn’t he executed, or do we say free room and food for perverts while others sleep on the streets?


Enough is Enough already! The school district administration had a legal duty to report the initial complaint to the proper authorities.

see link here

They decided to try to cover it up instead? This district administration should be held accountable. Our children deserve reform! This has been going on for far too long! Please share the article on facebook and demand action.


No wonder the child was having behavioral outbursts. How very sad that she was not believed. Mr. Lamb says the child is manipulative – seems like he was looking in a mirror when he claimed that. How positively awful for this young girl.


No!, No bueno, Shame on you school admin and those that didn’t believe this young lady. So worried about saving face in the public eye. All are responsible for this, and to have it continue for years after.? Have we all lost our friggin minds here? This child was 9 years old and it continued till 11 years old? She must have been living in hell to know that the adults in her life just didn’t give a crap and to have to be with that scumbag sleeze-ball day after day. This is NOT OK. And for her parents not to do anything about it? Protecting our kids starts with we parents and knowing when things are not right. Prosecute them all, Parents, school admin and bus driver. And since when are District Officials able to make decisions of such serious matters into their own hands and not notify the legal authorities asap. Ya, Those people need to be brought out front and center. Because I would put a million bucks that if that was their child, family relative or close friend they would have had this investigated properly and legally. All of them FAILED this young girl and now her mental health and well-being are in jeopardy and for what? SAVING FACE. JMO


Sounds like this dude targeted a student that has probably had a very hard life, then utilized his position to molest her when he had her alone. I completely believe the little girl, and if the district did nothing to stop him, they have opened themselves up to liability.


A liability that if true will be paid by the taxpayers and not the people who actually failed at their job. Welcome to the public sector, fail at your job, get a raise or early retirement and someone else picks of the tab for all payouts.


Yet another example of government completely blowing it when hiring people who will be around children. Who are these idiots to believe a pedophile over a child. She saw my penis by accident..have those words ever been muttered by anyone but a sexual predator. Come on.


Just kill the SOB.


Killing him not necessary and it’s just wrong. Just make a good case, convict and make sure his sentence stipulates general population. Situation handled.


Court can’t “stipulate general population”, isn’t done, can’t be done! CDCR is mandated to protect anyone coming into their system, that’s why there’s Special Needs Yards. And if it’s “just wrong” to kill him why is “right” to cut him lose in GP and get him killed? Trying to get someone else a life sentence, or worse, just to let the courts off? I don’t get your post…


It was tongue in cheek or was supposed to be. Sorry for trivializing a horrible event.