Large mixed-use development proposed for SLO

February 7, 2018

With two major housing developments currently in the works in San Luis Obispo, plans for a new high-density residential development with compact living quarters are expected to go before the city’s Architectural Review Commission next week.

Initial plans call for a 606-home development on a 17-acre site at 1160 Laurel Lane, with nearly half of the residential units being microstudios of 450 square feet or less. Some of the microstudios would be as small as 385 square feet.

Atoll Holdings LLC, the project applicant, is requesting to redevelop the currently vacant Atoll Business Park into a mixed-use site with 29,680 square feet of commercial space, in addition to the 606 homes, or approximately 385,000 square feet of residential space. The commercial area could include a restaurant or brew pub, dry cleaner, nail salon, deli, coffee shop, mail center and collaborative work space.

The developers plan to create an apartment village with 108 single-bedroom units, 192 two-bedroom units and 26 three-bedroom units, in addition to the 280 microstudios. The largest three-bedroom home would be 1,155 square feet.

Project plans state the housing village would be geared toward young professionals and low-income working families, as well as essential workers, like police officers, firefighters, teachers and service workers.

The Crux Gym climbing area, which is currently located at the site of the project, would be integrated into the development. Likewise, plans call for a one-mile fitness trail loop, swimming pools and a rooftop tennis court.

In recent years, the San Luis Obispo City Council has encouraged high-density housing development and has given approval for the 720-home Avila Ranch development and the 580-home San Luis Ranch project.

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I’m sure the increased traffic from this project will be mitigated in true SLO fashion: Close all of Laurel Lane to nothing but bicycle and pedestrian traffic. As long as the People’s Republic of San Luis Obispo can continue to to generate tax revenue from projects like this without spending one cent on infrastructure improvememts, then we’ll have enough money to give our city Manager and city Attorney a raise. That’s “responsible planning” Progressive style.

The thing about super low income housing is: “If you build it, they will come”. My 20 minute drive home from work has turned into 45 minutes in just 10 years.

Poop Pie. Let’s rebrand that to something more acceptable. How about “Meat Loaf”?

Meanwhile, the local rabidly pro-growth politicos, likely receiving secret bribes from out of area developers, are so stubborn, so willfully blind to recognizing the natural carrying capacity limits of the central coast (how many of us could survive on the local resources naturally available like the water without having to import it) are now planning to put urine back into our drinking water!!! It’s called, are you ready for this, “Toilet to Tap”, though they’ve given it a new lovely name: Central Coast Blue.

But why should they care? They’ve got their rural ranches and clean well water to drink. Except for PR purposes, I doubt they’d touch recycled pee themselves. But we can all drink it.

Let’s not call it pee though.

“Pismo Beach Public Works Director Ben Fine said the rebranding also recognizes ‘the value water has in the distinct character of the Central Coast community.’”

Hmm. Wow. Now it’s just “water”. It wasn’t in someone else’s body first. And who knows who that someone was or what their state of health was. Anyway, after thousands of people begin to drink and re-flush it, over and over, won’t that tend to concentrate the toxins?

So what’s next? I can see it now. Restaurants offering poop pie? Don’t worry though, it’s full of protein and been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. And it effectively doubles AG land!

For every 400 square foot studio unit there will be a need for a 1000 square foot parking slip. Certainly the parking won’t be needed if there is a deed restriction for no visitors or vehicle ownership allowed? Then again, anything will work at your expense, oh, after Poly and the tourist fill the sewer farm, who will pay for the new s### hole? Trump trueism.

Funny I don’t remember the “projects” in Chicago as having Micro-Brew pubs-Deli’s, Coffee Houses, Dry Cleaner’s attached to them. They appear more like prisons.

There is one other major difference ensuring that this won’t turn into “project” blight; home ownership.

Sprawl creates its’ own set of problems too….any way you look at it.

Reminds of the large housing projects that you see in the large city’s of America. Could eventually turn into those like in LA, Detroit, Chicago, NY, Philadelphia. Is that were we want to go. They all started out sugar coated and eventually deteriorated and died. Density has always caused problems any way you look at it.