Teens arrested for shooting BBs into a vacant field

February 18, 2018

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested two juveniles in Los Osos on Friday afternoon for firing a BB gun in a “grossly negligent manner.” [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 7 p.m., a 911 caller reported seeing someone shoot a rifle from a parked vehicle near the intersection of Clark Valley and Los Osos Valley roads into a vacant field. Deputies then discovered the vehicle in Los Osos and made a high risk stop.

Inside the car, deputies found a BB gun, two juveniles and an 18-year-old. Officers then determined that both of the juveniles had shot the BB gun into the field.

The sheriff’s department has announced plans to have the youths charged with discharging a BB device in a grossly negligent manner. The juveniles where released to parents and the adult was not arrested.

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It is absolutely idiotic to discharge a firearm from a vehicle and certainly not in the direction of an occupied home. Had these fools gone unhindered I’d nearly guarantee something or some one at some point would suffer from their lack of respect and training.

It wasn’t a firearm. The vehicle wasn’t moving. And it was into an empty field.

I too once shot a bb rifle at the back fence and it went through the gap between the boards and hit the kitchen window on the back neighbor’s house. My dad and I went to the neighbor and I cut neighborhood grass to pay for the window, a lesson learned. Now I’m an expert grass cutter and remember Safety First. I know the area near Clark Valley Road, today’s traffic and residential uses is reasonable to question of what fire arm and who’s doing the shooting? I agree this was a good call for back up.

First of all Pete I’m sure you would be the citizen crying the cops didn’t do anything if the B.B. hit your house or you so calling the Deputies “pigs” shows your ignorance. Modern day BB and pellet guns have the power and travelling distance as a .22 Caliber (1 mile plus distance). Grossly negligent means there were people or homes in the direction these idiots were shooting, hence the reason why the deputies received the call to begin with.

That is absolute nonsense. The maximum distance a .177 cal BB or pellet will travel even in an air rifle that shoots 1200 feet per second is about 400 yards, and that is if it is aimed upwards at about 30 degrees. The maximum effective range for a BB is about 100 feet. At that point a pair of jeans will protect one from injury. This whole situation is just stupid.

Based on the story it brings up the term ‘pigs’. Why the cops would bother with a couple kids having some fun is only going to breed contempt for LE. They should have been just warned to shoot in their own back yard and sent on their way instead of making a big deal out of it.

They had to bother with them. There was a 911 call. Unlike the FBI, out local police cannot ignore reported crimes.

I can’t believe that after last week Pete would be saying “no big deal” about what these kids did. Statistically, left unchecked, this behavior would worsen. To the level of the FL school shooter? Can’t say. But would likely worsen. Ask any grade school teacher if they can pick out the students that you will read about in the future!

It was against CA law to be firing the BB gun irresponsibly – period. Pete, I am sick and tired of selective law enforcement, based on what you think should be – as opposed to what the law is. Don’t like the law? Change it. But you don’t get to selectively ignore it.

And so what?……

Why couldn’t these kids find a few aluminum cans and a giant backyard with privacy for the BB gun target practice? Isn’t that what we did as kids? I had a friend with several acres and we would practice our skills using old posters, tin cans, and no one around to complain or nothing of value to hurt or hit…


The BB guns of the past were less powerful, therefore why in the hell would manufacturers like Daisy make them more powerful equaling the speed of actual fire arms?!

“Some of the Daisy BB guns in the market today, however, are much more powerful than the guns sold in the past. In a demonstration for 20/20, gun expert Dave Townshend — who has testified against Daisy in court — first fired the .38 Special revolver he carried as a Michigan state trooper. The revolver had a muzzle velocity of 752 feet per second. Then he pumped the Daisy Powerline 856 — the same gun that injured Tucker Mahoney — 20 times, which is twice the recommended maximum. The muzzle velocity for the Powerline was 780 fps, greater than the state police revolvers! ”


if these kids are going to indiscrimately shoot these guns in the area in question, then they learned a good lesson on what not to do in the line of safety for all.


But they didn’t, end of story.

Muzzle velocity has very little to do with the actual power of the gun. A .177 caliber BB at 780 feet per second still has very little foot pounds of force, not to mention that regardless of the muzzle velocity, the BB (or pellet) begins to lose power VERY quickly as it tumbles and faces air resistance.

This is what happens when people have just enough information to be worse than uninformed.