Jerry Brown’s misplaced indignation

March 14, 2018
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


Governor Jerry Brown’s incendiary response to Attorney General Jeff Session’s recent Sacramento announcement that he was suing California for violating Federal immigration laws was both entertaining and troubling. And with Trump visit to California, we will see if Jerry further embarrasses himself and those he represents.

As an American first and a native Californian second, I’m also a firm believer that we are both a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. We shouldn’t be trying to break up law-abiding immigrant families. And we need to find a path to citizenship for DACAs and law-abiding immigrants. But we also need to secure our borders, not so much with Trump’s wall but with greater security measures. Ironically, it is the Democrats who stand to be the primary political beneficiaries of such an agenda who are blocking that path.

But leave it to California, that bluest of states, to set the example for breaking our national laws. And leave it to Jerry Brown as the poster child for the willful disobedience of those laws. Here is a point/counterpoint to what Jerry said about Session’s litigation:

  • Jerry said “Trump is declaring war on California!” No Jerry, with its actions, California has declared war against the laws of our land.Jerry called Session’s Sacramento announcement “a political stunt.” No Jerry, it was an act of political courage.
  • Jerry said Sessions was “initiating a reign of terror.” No Jerry, California is nurturing its own “reign of terror” by protecting those criminal immigrants who commit felonies against innocent people.
  • Jerry extolled the sanctuary cities and state movement. No Jerry, were it not for the sanctuary cities movement and gubernatorial candidates like Gavin Newsome and Antonio Villaraigosa who support it, Kate Steinle would still be alive today.
  • Jerry said that California “is a state that is really working.” Really Jerry? Pleeease! As the Golden State continues its deliberate descent in becoming the state of insanity, what new state laws could be coming our way? Our State is already using taxpayer’s money to provide legal assistance for felonious immigrants. Could the next bill be a bond issue to build tunnels under the walls securing our borders?

There has even been talk of secession. Could it be that California is becoming this century’s South Carolina of 1861?

We are a nation of laws. We need to work within those laws to find the right and timely solution for immigration reform. Following California’s example is a sad distraction and obstruction to finding that solution.

Sessions was right in challenging California’s willful disobedience of the laws of our land. And California deserves to lose that challenge.

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Excremento? What a great word!


I predict that one day soon, the taxpaying American citizen’s will rise up to stop this betrayal by politicians like Jerry Brown, and I fear they will take the law into their own hands to do it.

If I was Brown, I would tread very carefully.

George Bailey

You have got that right George Bailey. Traitor brown walking on thin ice. He needs to be made an example of.

Sorry George, as much as I wish the taxpayers would rise up I do not think they ever will. They just want their free stuff and to watch celebrities prance around showing off their greatness and buying into the pretend news that the government will take care of everything and all we need is to stop the conservative agenda and then life will be perfect.

Democrats need a permanent underclass to vote for them along with the ultra rich. It’s why they love illegals andrefugees, try to enact policies that encourage non traditional families, and hate religion (except for the global warming religion, and Islam). If everyone was successful, which they should be in this country, there would be no need for big govt democrats.

Misplaced Indignation? More like misplaced mind, ethics, morals and thought process. Yes Jerry, Native Californians are felling your state by the hundreds of thousands. The once great Ca has become the shithole laughing stock of the USA. You and the rest of the senile corrupt narcissists in Excremento have successfully destroyed what was once a state of prosperity, beauty where folks wanted to live work and retire. Your programs, your greed, your taxes, the lawless scum that you protect in favor of the law obiding population is more than logical. You have lost your way long ago and damaged Ca beyond repair. And for kamala Harris, Ca is not “the future” as you mouthed off a while back. The truth is Ca no longer has a future compliments the progressive Dem libs.