Paid political consultant shutters SLO County Supervisor’s meeting

March 21, 2018

Nick Andre, the head of the SLO County Progressives and a paid campaign manager for several local candidates, led a group of 14 people into Tuesdays San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting who then refused to sit down and allow the meeting to continue. While the group blocked the speaker podiums, they held up signs in a protest against Sheriff Ian Parkinson. [Cal Coast Times]

During public comment, a Los Osos resident asked for more information about a proposal to spend $273,990 for the rehabilitation of five parks, an item on the consent agenda. As a staffer attempted to answer questions about the issue, Andre and the group of SLO County Progressives marched to the front of the room while carrying a naked man on a gurney, to symbolize Andrew Holland, an inmate who died a torturous death in the county jail more than a year ago.

The protesters held up signs asking Parkinson to resign and seeking justice for Holland. Supervisor John Peschong then called for a 10 minute break. Following the break, Peschong attempted to reconvene the meeting.

“We are going to reconvene the meeting and ask the folks here in the front to respectively sit down and we will get on with the meeting and allow you to comment during the public comment period,” Peschong said. “In order to be able to conduct bushiness here and hear from each of you we are going to ask you to clear the room. We will have to call you individually.”

The protesters stood their ground and the board ended the morning session and recessed until 1:30 p.m.

Supervisor Adam Hill, a member of the SLO County Progressives, then left the dais, walked to the back of the room and asked Andre how long they planned to keep up their stance and if Andre wanted sheriff deputies to break up the protest, according to a recording of the meeting by the SLO Progressives. (At eight minutes into the video, the conversation between Andre and Hill can be heard with a headset, with parts being too faint to understand.)

“How long do you guys want to do this for?” Hill asks. “Just so that we can know, cause I’m trying to get them… sheriff’s deputies unless that’s what you want.”

Andre’s responses are to faint to understand.

“Well, whatever you think is right,” Hill said. “They’re going to call the sheriff’s deputies, which I prefer not to, unless that’s what you guys want. I respect that… maybe that’s what you need to do. Do you guys want to be…?”

While he serves on the local Democratic Party endorsement committee, Andre is also a paid campaign manager for sheriff candidate Greg Clayton, district attorney candidate Mike Cummins, and District 4 supervisor candidate Jimmy Paulding.

More than a year ago, CalCoastNews broke the news to both the public and the Holland family, that Holland had died after being strapped for 46 hours in a restraint chair. CCN reporters also detailed how the sheriff’s department attempted to cover up the details of Holland’s death by dispersing false information.

At that time, the SLO County Progressives did not rally against Holland’s treatment at the jail. Several of the group’s leaders forbid members of their private Facebook page from sharing links to CalCoastNews articles, members said.

The group has denied multiple Democrats in the community who have been critical of Hill from participating on their private Facebook page.

For example, Grover Beach Councilwoman Debbie Peterson, a Democrat, was denied membership and access to the Progressives private Facebook page.

“As a life-long Democrat and fervent Bernie supporter, I encouraged 85 friends who are Democrats to support the Progressives bid to be a recognized committee,” Peterson said. “Although each of the people I recruited to support the Progressives were acknowledged, I was not. Nor was I allowed entry to their private Facebook page. I believe this is because I called out some of Adam Hill’s bad behaviors.”

Jorge Estrada

All lives matter, including the many lost due to our known Highway unmet needs. Caltrans sez not enough deaths yet to warrant the fix but Progressive SLO Sissies won’t demonstrate in Sacramento because their funded political opposition is here. I do respect the passion of the likes of Bernie but I see this stunt to just that, a perverted stunt.


To those who came to the BOS meeting, to do legitimate business, took time off of work, paid consultants to be present, were insulted by this Progressive group of bozo’s… Go picket the jail if you have a problem, but this is ridiculous. PROGRESSIVE = JIMMIE PAULDING! We do not need any more bozo’s on this Board of Director’s as the citizens organize to dump crazy Adam Hill and adulterous Bruce Gibson. Strong leadership was demostrated by John Peschong! Best Board we have had in years and the Progressive corrupt Democrats want to breakdown good governance!


Pretty sure there have been many Sup meetings since his death, but just now they’re on it?? Opportunistic bunch we have here. Gross. We can all see what you’re really up to.


This is FANTASTIC…what a perfect show of political opportunism, and a perfectly clear demonstration that the Holland Case is being used not to bring justice , but to place their own puppets into power…no experience, unable to build consensus or work with anyone.. Hey Regressives, governance involves more that seventh grade antics. Grow up and stop hiding behind the Holland Family’s grief. You are shameless.


Inmates running the asylum…excuse the bad pun.

George Bailey

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The so-called ‘SLO Progressives’ are nothing more than a shill group to support the corrupt politics of Adam Hill, Heidi Harmon, Caren Ray, Bruce Gibson, Nick Andre, etc. These people are transparently phony and only care about advancing a far-left looney agenda.

As the article points out, the SLO Progressives failed to even acknowledge the death of Andrew Holland, and I quote the story: “At that time, the SLO County Progressives did not rally against Holland’s treatment at the jail. So, after an entire year, suddenly the death of Mr. Holland is important to people like Nick Andre and Heidi Harmon? Shhhhhh.

While we all ought to be concerned about official misconduct, we must also be careful of leftist radicals who only care about an issue if they can exploit the story for political gain.

Shame on Heidi Harmon & Co.



The sheriff wasn’t called because that’s exactly what they wanted. The Chair exercised his pelrerogative and made a good call in this instance. Previous chairs have been hasty to call in the sheriff if they don’t like or agree with commenters. This chair is more equananimous.


I’m glad they disrupted the board meeting. Those responsible for Holland’s death should be held accountable. No more sweeping it under the rug and hoping it will go away. Change needs to happen fast at that jail.


It would appear that the “SLO Progressives” had swept Holland under the rug too, until they needed him as a martyr for their candidates to hang their campaign banners from the the nails in his cross. The “Progressive” candidates can’t run on issues like affordable housing, improving infrastructure, or eliminating the homeless scourge that is plaguing downtown SLO; because they have no desire to do anything about THOSE problems. They just needed a body that was still warm in people’s memories to tote in their campaign parade. Once they get their candidates in place, they will sweep Andrew Holland back under the rug again. What happened to Andrew Holland was tragic and inexcusable. I too think Sherriff Parkinson needs to go. HOWEVER, toting around Andrew Holland’s effigy for political gain is downright sociopathic. Of course Nick Andre has rich parents, so why should he give a fuck about affordable housing or homelessness. If someone wasn’t paying him to parade around Andrew Hollands body for political gain, I doubt he would have ever given a fuck about Holland either.


Why was this allowed to happen? Most other groups would have been ordered to be removed by the Sheriff upon the orders of the Chairman. Selective enforcement just causes unfair treatment to others. There is a time and place for events like this.


It was allowed to happen because calling the sheriff was exactly what the Bullygressives wanted — a confrontation that would boost their image of “bravery” with people sucked into their political schemes. lf sheriffs had come, they’d become “martyrs.” Which means more publicity, more propaganda, etc. The chair understood these lightweight demonstrators would get tired of standing there and go get their lattes rather than camp-in for the duration.

As for the mix of campaign “business” and alleged-politics (sounds like Trump, anybody?), well that speaks volumes about the fakery of the SLO Progressives leadership. A lot of naive sheep are being led to the slaughter by these money-grubbing narcissistic creeps.