SLO police searching for thief, video

April 15, 2018

San Luis Obispo police are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance film Friday night burglarizing a car in SLO. [Cal Coast Times]

In the video, a man wearing a white or light-colored sweatshirt with an emblem on the back , crouches down as he walks down a driveway towards the driver’s side door. The thief tries the door, which was unlocked.

The thief rummaged through the vehicle before leaving the scene.

Officials are asking the public to help identify the suspect. Anyone who recognizes the thief is asked to contact Officer Parsons at (805) 594-8072.

Property was stolen from a vehicle parked in a driveway last night, and here is video of the crime. If anyone knows this guy please contact Officer Parsons at (805) 594-8072. Thank you in advance for your help catching this thief.

— Deanna Cantrell (@slopdchief)


Very exhausting :(


People will tire of being asked for help with petty crimes..


Nice to see SLO PD doing something about theft. My car was broken into in a county area and the sheriffs dept could have given two shits, didn’t even take a report.


It might help if it was reported what part of town where it took place, i.e., street etc. Pls. be more specific when reporting crimes, if possible.


Never ceases to amaze me that some people leave their vehicles unlocked with valuables inside. This thief pretty much had a red carpet welcome mat straight to that SUV. Please LOCK your vehicles and move your valuable property items inside your locked home or motel room. Otherwise, it’s like leaving food out to entice hungry coyotes. Not smart!