Caren Ray challenges Jim Hill for AG mayor seat

May 8, 2018

Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill

Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill and Councilwoman Caren Ray have both announced plans to run for the mayor’s seat in the November election.

Amid allegations of graft and corruption by former mayor Tony Ferrara and other city officials, in 2014 voters elected write in candidate Hill over Ferrara, a 16-year incumbent. Since then, former Ferrara supporters including Ray have voiced their opposition to the change in leadership.

In the Nov. 2016 election battle, most of the candidates were divided between those who supported the Ferrara council and his close ties to former South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District administrator John Wallace and those who wanted change. At that time, Hill won the mayor’s seat while Ray won a seat on the council.

Councilwoman Caren Ray

Since 2016, Hill and Ray have been on opposite sides on many votes. For example, Ray has supported a pro-growth agenda while Hill, a nuclear engineer, wanted a drought related moratorium on new construction.

Ray, a Santa Maria High School teacher, served on the Arroyo Grande Council from 2010 to 2013. In 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors following the death of Paul Teixeira. Ray lost her seat in the 2014 race to now Supervisor Lynn Compton and ran for the Arroyo Grande Council in 2016.

The candidate who receives the most votes in the Nov. 6 election will win the mayor’s seat.

George Bailey


Caren Ray, Adam Hill & Lil Jimmy Paulding are about advancing the radical ‘progressive’ agenda, not about bettering our community.

The progressive agenda is high taxes, more government and them telling us how to run our lives, no thanks.

Caren Ray’s ‘contribution’ is running around our town naked, and that is pretty disgusting behavior for someone who claims to want to lead our community.

Vote to reelect Mayor Jim Hill on Election Day!


Not to mention that she is a high school teacher in Santa Maria and should be a role model. Beer parties with students and running naked and having sex in public is not a proper teacher role model…

Naked runner……/arroyo-grande-councilwoman-leads-a-harried- secret-life/

Rays’s Historical House get tax break. Ray brings boyfriend into political fray……/ray-brings-boyfriend-political-fray/

George Bailey


Maybe Caren Ray got the idea for sanctuary city from Santa Maria?

George Bailey


Maybe Caren Ray got the idea for sanctuary city from her time in Santa Maria?


Let’s not forget how Ray completely discounted the Grand Jury report on Wallace and his Sanitation District ratepayer rip off.

Only Jim Hill has been consistent and steadfast in his urge to purge the dishonest players. It’s unfortunate he doesn’t have any help.


This couldn’t be better! Ray is 1/2 way through her term, she’ll lose to Hill and she’s down the road (again).

Yep, “…this is turning into a pretty good day…”


Sadly she will stay on council for another two years even if she looses.


Another reason a candidate should be required to step down from any current position before running for another, it might help stop the music chairs that go on right now.


I hope you are happy, you ruined my day.


Sorry about that.


That would be a very sad day for AG if she was to be Mayor.

George Bailey

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I CANNOT support mayoral candidate Caren Ray!

If you recall, Caren Ray was involved in a political scandal where she was exposed (no pun intended) as running around our town naked! Yes, naked!

Voters should understand that Caren Ray lacks the maturity and repeat level to represent Arroyo Grande as the mayor of our town. Anyone who literally runs naked around the town is not someone whose judgement we should trust, and Ms. Ray is part of the corrupt Tony Ferrara cabal that voters soundly rejected just a few years back.

Incumbent Mayor Jim Hill has cleaned up the corruption committed by John Wallace (who Ray supports), and he has returned fiscal responsibility to our town. Voters ought to reject the pro-growth agenda of Caren Ray and choose responsible leaders, not people who run around publicly naked and bragging about alcohol use with teenagers.

Please google ‘New Arroyo Grande councilwoman leads a harried secret life’ on this site. The search will reveal a story deeply disturbing, and Ray seems unable to admit a mistake.

Do not trust Caren Ray.



Right On George ! He Knows, They had Video Showing her, but no one would pay attention, If you will recall , caren Ray was selected to be “placed” on the city council Tony & the good ole boys..remember that? .. Does anyone else remember all those nasty emails she sent out to the people living around her.. she is a stupid woman, her actions prove that , She is a example of community leadership, is this the best Arroyo Grande can do ? Stupid PEOPLE?.. This woman is low life , stupid.. I use stupid as to not sugar coat it ..Lets Run naked , and drink , truth be known I think chucky baby was involved too .. Right Lenny?

bobby N

I remember that. A bunch of people standing in a circle in daylight, some with cups in their hands. You know what that means! I recall Ray being there too. Then some idiot moons the camera. End of film. Not really front page stuff.


Also, let us not forget the House she and her live in boyfriend reclassified to historic for tax purposes, the beer and parties she supplied to her school students in Santa Maria, and the best one, the BB Gun assault on her life that turned out to be fake… This is a nasty, dishonest, untruthful and WILL DO AND SAY ANYTHING to get elected to anything!


That’s a pretty smart Bird, why is it AG has had some huge nuts in office ,and in the Past they have had some great people, like Howard, Tom, DG, even pete Tried.. Mr Hill Does not seem real bright, as I saw him in Action allot in Oceano, But Caren Ray , People People , Can you not do better, clearly her judgment is Off, this woman teaches kids, .. She is crazy as hell for one .. but ole Tony and the boys put her in the chair in the first place does not make it right, What the heck.. I would hope someone would point her to this page , and show her Public reason , she should go away.. Is This the way normal people think?? is it?? sure I have a blunt point of view .. and am not politically correct but please tell me Ms Ray’s actions are out of line .. crazy stuff .. I think she spend too much time with kids it has effected her mind??? I think ..

bobby N

These posts get funnier and further from reality all the time.

The only “proof” is some long ago forgotten article that no one could ever show was true. I keep looking for those naked runners.

Has anyone actually verified these people get a tax break of some type? I’m guessing no, that would be too easy and possibly give an answer that doesn’t fit the narrative.

Time to move on to actual issues and not fantasy.


Bobby Its True There was a Video on Line It Showed Her, She was up to her neck Involved with this Running Rabbit thing .. On a Stack of Bibles , Ask Her if she was ever involved, it was on the website it was destroyed after it came out and was a big deal.. THATS A FACT!


Please Caren give us all a break! For once we all are enjoying the strong, honest and ethical leadership that Mr. Hill has brought to AG. Mr. Hill has successfully sealed the back room door and has brought transparency to the citizens. Let AG go forwards and not backwards.


No. No, no, no.

Mitch C

I fully support Caren, I will be sending her a check in the next few days. Logic, reason, and decorum need to be returned to the mayor’s chair. Best of luck, Ms. Ray.


wow mitch looks like 49 do not agree, she might be wise to pull out sooner rather then later.. but pull out ..


Truly mind boggling how you could support anyone who supported the Ferrara/ Nichols/ Wallace gang. Liars, crooks and a piss poor excuse for honest public officials looking out for the tax paying public..


Ray, No Way!