DA Dan Dow fails to promote justice, supports cronyism

May 17, 2018

District Attorney Dan Dow


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is smoking gun video evidence worth proving San Luis Obispo’s District Attorney Dan Dow’s gross negligence of duty for refusing to file criminal complaints on certain Atascadero police officers and other Atascadero city employees for their criminal activity and violations of law and civil rights.

That’s right, Dan Dow’s office was given HD videos of criminal activity and civil rights violations and refused to investigate or file criminal complaints against the alleged parties – his buddies in blue and other Atascadero city employees.

The citizens should know that the city of Atascadero paid myself and another man in Dec. 2017 on one claim and face another lawsuit for civil rights violations incurred when a senior Atascadero police officer violated the law and my civil rights telling me that it was illegal for me to film in Atascadero City Hall and I would be arrested if I attempted to do so.

My story starts many years ago (and continues even today) when I learned first hand how negligent and flat out corrupt the Atascadero police department and San Luis Obispo’s District Attorneys offices were and still are!

But this article is not about me, it’s about my allegation of gross and criminal negligence of District Attorney Dan Dow, his cronies and puppet masters.

My allegations against Dan Dow are as follows:

1. Dan Dow accepted and knowingly filed false and misleading documents with the SLO County Superior Court. I was arrested for the crime of PC69 (physically stopping and threatening an officer from doing his job) against Commander Joe Allen, a man I had never met before. I want everyone to know that I was in New Orleans at the time. My bail was set at $100,000 thousand dollars, the normal bail amount for this alleged crime is $25,000 dollars. Why was my bail so high?

2. Dan Dow filed another criminal complaint with the court and sent the “Request to Appear” to a false address, intentionally, to cause grave economic harm as a warrant was issued for my arrest for $40,000 dollars. The judge rescinded the bail and allowed me to remain out of custody on my own recognizance after reviewing all the evidence presented.

3. Dan Dow did not like that I settled a recent civil matter so he filed an additional criminal complaint against me in a case with no victims or monetary loss to any party, further wasting judicial resources, time and tax payers money. This is a perfect example of Dan Dow’s “fair and the honest” judicial approach he likes to spew in his rhetoric for re-election.

4. Dan Dow abuses his position as district attorney for personal gain and agenda at the taxpayer expense.

5. Dan Dow goes after the homeless, the indigent, cannabis users and mentally ill but continually refuses to file criminal complaints against his “buddies in blue” and other government employees.

6. Dan Dow is a “yes man” and will file anything his buddies in blue, cronies or puppet masters tell him to file.

A civilized society needs laws and as such we need law enforcement. We, the people give individuals (law enforcement) the power to enforce those laws but we did not give them the power to act illegally, criminally or for personal agendas.

The very thread of society is the fact that we the people have a process to bring grievance against our state and federal government or elected officials without fear of retribution.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow is an elected official who abuses the power of his office to selectively enforce and harass anyone he so chooses.

On June 5, lets send a message to Dan Dow (and others) in San Luis Obispo County governments that we, the citizens will no longer except this type of behavior from our elected officials and leaders, period.

Vote for Judge Mike Cummins on June 5 and lets make 2018 the year of the citizen.

Rick Holiday has lived in San Luis Obispo County for more than 30 years.

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and Dan Dow doesn’t like puppies.

What a completely worthless pile of rhetoric! Best of luck to you Dan Dow!!

REH could you tell us your side of when you threatened the members of the Atascadero City Council and city employees and the restraining order that was placed on you?

A con man writes an article blasting the system that prosecuted his crimes ….( yawn )

TOTAL HIT PIECE. Disgraceful how an unsubstantiiated, obviously biased, opinion piece can be published right before an election. Cal Coast News should be ashamed for having no editorial descrestion. The word OPINION should precede the headline on all opinion pieces so that it appears across platform headlines and snippets. If clicks are all you desire than you will lose credibility.

“The word OPINION should precede the headline on all opinion pieces” if this were the case then most Network News reports would have to change their titles to “XXX Network Opinion News”

Dear Vigilant Citizen. You said: “The word OPINION should precede the headline on all opinion pieces so that it appears across platform headlines and snippets. If clicks are all you desire than you will lose credibility.”

Now, please take a look at the article again and notice that it does indeed say “OPINION by RICK HOLIDAY” The fact that it’s Rick Holiday’s OPINION is being shouted by CCN.

Your OPINION about this OPINION piece is now proven to be false. You are no longer entitled to that OPINION, because it is not factual in any way, shape or form. Said another way, your opinion sucks because it’s patently false.

Did Dow send out a memo to all the people in his office to come on CCN with “hit comments?” It appears you’re one of them.

Mr. Holiday’s OPINION piece is his opinion and he’s already taking heat for it. But he’s not as bad as you are, making silly comments that are patently false.

DocT: it says “OPINION” in the byline, not the headline. Bylines are easy miss. It is YOUR opinion about VC’s opinion about this opinion piece that’s proven to be false.

Dan has my vote if he’s on the trail of the author of this article.