Is the election delaying answers to Los Osos’ $10 million question?

May 29, 2018

Supervisor Bruce Gibson


In March of this year, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors settled a $23 million lawsuit with sewer collection system contractor, ARB Inc., by borrowing the $10 million from the solar mitigation fund. Los Osos residents are likely on the hook for the additional $10 million, over and above the $183 million wastewater project costs.

The 4,200 Los Osos sewer ratepayers/voters are unaware that they are responsible for this $10 million and are ill prepared for an additional $2,000-plus added to their sewer bills.

Supervisor Bruce Gibson characterized the settlement as “the last sewer bill,” as if it was something to celebrate, or accept – it’s not.

That $10 million is needed in water infrastructure for Los Osos and this hit comes at a critical time for our water basin management. Long overdue new wells and treatment facilities need to be installed to better manage our basin to protect it from seawater intrusion.

To date, there has been no discussion of how the $10 million loan will be repaid. No terms (interest rate and amortization) will be presented to the board and the public until Dec. 2018 – conveniently for Gibson and too late for voters — after both the June 5 primary and Nov. 6 election.

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Dump Gibson, Now.


I feel badly for the people of Los Osos. What a fiasco. Besides the people who intentionally or unintentionally slowed the process, I think most people who live there just want their poo taken care of normally. Well, they may eventually get that, and an enormous bill.

Can’t say it enough- we need Eckles in the 2nd district. Vote for him. Support his campaign at

He is fair, balanced, and LISTENS- unlike the current 2nd dist supervisor.

When all is said and done the Los Osos sewer project may be the most expensive infrastructure project in the history of the United States.

Maybe stop giving our county’s money to the wine growers to inspect their wells…..what, say 3.5m? That would be a good start.

I’ve got a good idea, take that million bucks a year the county is going to use to pay for Cayucos’ Fire Department, and use that to pay for the 10 Million dollar mistake, and let Cayucos pay for their own damn fire department!

What will it take to wake up the voters in the 2nd District?

Hill, Gibson and possibly Paulding???

Lord help us if the liberals get the majority.

The conservatives have had the majority and got us here! Jimmy will be the best thing that has happened to our county in the 20 years I’ve lived here. You are a conservative I take it. Why not be responsible? Not at fault, respond with ability! Things are the way they are and we are where we need to be to get where we are going. Based on results, here we are.

If you can support Hill and Gibson there’s no hope for you.

jms3211, if you have lived here you know that the majority have only been the majority for less than 2 years. How does that make this their problem when the Left Liberals have controlled the Board for years. Please, get your facts straight!

If Paulding manages to pull off a win, we especially need Eckles in the 2nd district to balance things out.