FPPC investigating Supervisor Gibson for conflicts of interests

May 13, 2018

Supervisor Bruce Gibson

The state’s Fair Political Practices Commission has mounted an investigation into San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson concerning conflict of interest allegations. [Cal Coast Times]

In 2016, the county board of supervisors approved a vacation rental exemption for a home approximately 1,200 feet away from Gibson’s primary residence in Cayucos. Without disclosing he lived nearby, Gibson argued that approval of the vacation rental permit would impact the character of the neighborhood.

Since then, Gibson has repeatedly fought against approvals for vacation rentals near his Cayucos home.

Filed by activist Julie Tacker on April 30, the FPPC complaint alleges that Gibson has violated laws requiring public officials to recuse themselves from voting on issues where the decision could influence the financial value of the official’s property.

Yet, it appears Gibson did not expect the allegations to result in a state investigation. Less than a week after Tacker filed her complaint, Gibson voted against two vacation rental applications for properties near his home in Cayucos.

After reviewing Tackers complaint, on May 10, the FPPC sent a letter notifying Tacker that the agency had opened up an investigation into her allegation of a conflict of interest over his votes on vacation rentals in Cayucos. The FPPC rejected Tacker’s request to investigate Gibson’s recent vote to deny a vacation rental exemption for a home near a farm Gibson owns in Cambria.

If found to have violated conflict of interest rules, Gibson faces penalties for each violation ranging from a warning letter to a fine of up to $5,000.

In addition, the county may have to redo the public process if the allegations hold up.


I wonder if the fish wrap, aka The Tribune, is aware of this? Recently The Trib endorsed Paulding over Compton because they said it was a time for a new generation after Compton has only served 4 years. And then the hypocrites turned around and endorsed Gibson. So much for the ethics of both Gibson and the wrap.

George Bailey


I think it is becoming obvious that Bruce Gibson and many other so-called ‘Progressive’ politicians are simple criminals who use their elected office as a smokescreen to steal from the hardworking taxpayers. Remember, Mr. Gibson committed audaltry on his wife with a subordinate employee, and that scandal alone cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Did Bruce Gibson apologize for his ethical lapse? No, he simply swept it under the rug and kept eating at the public trough. Sad.

Now we see Mr. Gibson is in trouble with the California FPPC, and the far-eft, whacky progressive politicians have no shame. When you think that Mr. Gibson, the deranged Adam Hill, and their hand-picked puppet, Mr. Jimmy Paulding could represent the majority votes on the SLO County board of supervisors, then taxpayers know they will try to shove their vision for big government and high taxes down our throats.

Reject the crooked progressives, reject Bruce Gibson.



Yes, George, it is a sad state of affairs indeed. Not only did Bruce sweep his indiscretion with his Legislative Assistant under the rug with the help of County Counsel, he went on to get her back in his office and proceeded to marry her. So now the Gibson household wants 4 more years and a million dollars more in salary and benefits (their combined package according to transparentcalifornia.com). Truly a family affair in the 2nd district, and they have no shame about it. She has been out campaigning for her husband while collecting her taxpayer funded salary. Why the hell do we allow this?

As the ol’ saying goes, we get the government we deserve. We must vote him out- Eckles is running a good campaign and has a shot at doing just that. Be sure to vote for him and if you haven’t already, make a contribution at http://www.jeffeckles.org


This isn’t news……this is political B.S. during election time! This might make it to “what is news” in a podunck town of 40 people. Pretty soon there will be only right wing conservatives reading your crap, I won’t waste my time on one sided crap you print.


Why is it I think that if the article was Debbie Arnold or Lynn Compton broke the law by ……… your comment would be something along the lines of, It’s the peoples right to know…….


So then take your exit speech and hit the road.


I’m thinking if more people than just Julie sends a letter to this FPPC complaining about this scoundrel Gibson and his apparent unethical practices then maybe they will treat this seriously.

The Identarian

When is Gibson moving to Oregon? All liberals eventually dry up on screwing California and move on up the coast to renew their ‘vision’. LOL


$60K to pay off a judge for multiple felonies and you think a little conflict of interest of rental properties will do anything? Bwahahahahahahha.