Paso Robles Planning Commission approves 96-room hotel

May 14, 2018

A North County hotel owner plans on building a 96-room lodge in Paso Robles, which has now garnered the approval of the city’s planning commission. [Cal Coast Times]

Matt Masia, of the firm Black’s Hatchery, has submitted plans to build the Black Oak Lodge, a four-story hotel, on a vacant lot near the intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 46 East. Black’s Hatchery currently owns the nearby Adelaide Inn and Best Western Plus Black Oak.

Masia’s new hotel project is situated on a property located at 2717 Black Oak Drive. It neighbors a Carl’s Jr and a McDonald’s.

Plans call for the hotel to have a “modern lodge” architectural theme. The lodge is expected to have 120 parking spaces.

The Paso Robles Planning Commission unanimously approved the project last week.


Once again the people of Paso Robles get left out in the cold. We should have the best schools, library, roads, and parks, but who cares??? It’s all about the wine and tourism. The homeless population is increasing daily, but who cares??? As long as there is wine and tourism. Rents are out of control and home prices are absurd, but who cares??? Obviously NOT our city or county leaders. SHAME ON YOU!!!!


Just follow all of the money. Very little if any will drain down to the citizens. The increase with the tourism industry will require more government employees to study and figure out where to spend the money. Of course that will be after gaining significant pay increases and benefit packages because they have to work hard. Then the balance of the money will be directed toward the “unintended consequences” (new phrase in government) that will require significant upgrades to service the tourism industry. So in the end the locals can expect higher fees, additional taxes, more bonds and of course water rate increases to cover the needs of the citizens. With an increase in tourism it’s amazing how there is no longer a water issue. Just rate, oh I mean wait.


Complacency brings destruction of our quality of life. GET OUT AND VOTE! Maybe it’s not too late to salvage what’s left.


Why is Paso Robles turning into a swamp when most everyone else wants to drain the swamps? I once asked a person who is very highly connected with Paso Robles government actions what in the world are they thinking when at the time there were 5 proposed hotels on the table? I wondered first of how would they ever get past the water issue? What would the impact on the downtown be on weekends and holidays when the 5 hotels were completed and that then would add another 1000 people in the downtown with vehicles? That person just smiled and said “in 5-7 years they will say what in the hell have we done?” It’s very clear what they are doing and like SLO they are ruining another wonderful place to live.


Jorge Estrada

Wine Sex and Showers for the tourists will be the cause for more business in the food factories too. The Salinas River isn’t dry yet but with the proposed legalized gambling and recreational marijuana, the customer’s wallets will go dry first. I can hear that Pusher Man song in the back ground. Notice how the news grandstands the tax revenue all of this will generate? This justification is what happens when the tree huggers let go, to be managed by their own vices.



The stress of 1800 more cars on our crappy roads is getting to me.


Well said, slobird, except the number of proposed new homes in the Beechwood development isn’t 700…it’s 915!

Paso locals are being $crewed by a runaway city council whose favorite word is BUILD.

Councilman Jim Reed seems to have some common sense but the other 4 need to be voted out before it’s too late.

BTW, the city council will “re-visit” the nightmarish Beechwood project tomorrow night but chances are that Susan DeCarli, the city manager & staff will continue to rush this develipment through and 4 of the 5 councilmen will be ” yes men” as always.


Met George Jetson, aka crap architecture .. modern garbage .. vegas got rid of this stuff in 1970’s


And to think of the sacrifices the current local residents are asked to make so businesses can make more money and buy more political favors. No lawns, monitor usage and penalize for excess usage, close the pool and then sacrifice more for that new Tract of about 750 homes coming your way soon (more water and sewer usage, 1600 more cars using unfrastruture with traffic issues, impact on Police, Fire, schools, City resources, etc.) and more people telling the local residents to get over it and accept the new way of life. Good luck Paso and be sure to thank your City Council for not looking our for you and your quality of life. And be sure and keep all those illegals in your community for cheap labor in your hospitality industry, housekeeping, landscaping and wine industry. What a future you will have!