Jimmy Paulding needs to study, stop throwing mud

May 15, 2018


District 4 Supervisorial candidate Jimmy Paulding has Oceano residents up in arms over having been “the county’s stepchild;” as evidenced by there not being sidewalks in the community. Blaming current Supervisor Lynn Compton for failing to prioritize county general funds to improve their little berg.

As a junior land use planner, Jimmy should know sidewalks are generally paid for by development. Each property is required to make its own frontage improvements and as they do (to the standard that is required by their permit) the town will eventually piece together their own sidewalks.

On occasion, the county will fill in if it looks like haphazard development will take too long and as a matter of safety or to provide a “safe route to school.”

Look at Los Osos and Cambria, both stymied by building moratoriums for 20 to 30 years; they too have few sidewalks. Very few sidewalks can be found in Templeton, Cayucos, Nipomo, Shandon, San Miguel, San Simeon and so on.

Old-school sidewalks have gone out of fashion, they inhibit drainage disrupting groundwater recharge. Low impact development practices, and alternatives to traditional sidewalks, increase the visual beauty of the neighborhood. The Oceano CSD, not the county, recently got a grant to study just that.

Julie Tacker is a countywide activist and community watchdog.

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I find it highly appropriate that Jorge uses a $ in his $upport for Ms. Compton.

She is by far the most clear-cut example (and unappologetically so) of pay to play politics that has ever sat on the board.

I miss Katcho and Paul and Frank. True leaders that put the county first.

Compton is part of our continued decay to oligarchy.

Jimmy is a useful idiot for Gibson and Hill and the SLO Progressives. District 4 has never been a “swing vote”, but the progressives hope to change that. Support Lynn Compton, who is doing a wonderful job on behalf of her constituents. They need to continue to have a voice on their behalf, otherwise Hill, Gibson… with Paulding….. will take it from them.

I don’t live in the 4th district yet I do $upport Lynn Compton. Jim Paulding appears to have good intentions and I will go so far to say that he is just as much a citizen as others and should be respected for his will to serve and right to run for this opportunity. I wish him more growth before he independently votes as a board member on the Board of Supervisors. Although he would likely disagree, I believe he is the nice guy that Gibson needs and would be abused by his party on what is supposed to be a non-partisan duty to serve. Best to Jim and that he be blessed with a child before he considers this wrenching decision again.

Jorge, you are cutting him too much slack. He is disingenuous, hypocritical and insincere. He says he wants to be nonpartisan yet is part of the progressive Dems, has taken money from them as well as Bruce and Adam, not to mention the outlandish contribution from the Holland family. You can’t have it both ways- either you are nonpartisan, or you are not. He is not. Yet he continues to deceivingly bang that drum. He is nowhere close to being independent. He is a political hack pushed forward by the progressive Dems at Bruce and Adam’s direction. If people can’t see that, then we are in trouble.

And from what I can tell about Mr. Paulding so far is he hasn’t met a tax or fee he didn’t like and he thinks everything can be fixed if we just tax and fee the working people to pay for everything.

I agree that I’m giving him the benefit of less experience. He’ll grow and I do not want him thinking that Republicans are the enemy, we are all in this together, Misguided people, whomever, need stable and long-term thinkers to mirror. Certainly the doctrine of less government and our Federal Constitution, The United States of America, is the long term foundation for our secular rule.

Ms. Tacker is absolutely correct. This is a perfect example why Me, Paulding is nowhere ready to be elected to a Supervisor’s seat. The BOS should not be a training arena for someone. Voters need to vote for qualified people who know how the system works. There are way too many important decisions that have to made with the facts presented and within the rules that are in place.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I CANNOT support Mr. Jimmy Paulding!

Jimmy Paulding is the handpicked puppet of Adam Hill and the SLO Progressives, and he makes baseless allegations in a desperate attempt to deceive voters, but the taxpaying citizens of the 4th District see right through his lies.

Please understand that the local SLO Progressives support bigger government, higher taxes and less freedom. Jimmy Paulding has engaged in a campaign of deception, and he refuses to admits true agenda and corrupt alliances.

Please join me in supporting Mrs. Lynn Compton on Election Day, Tuesday, June 5th, 2018. Supervisor Compton has worked to reduce taxes, build roads and secure more parks and recreation dollars for the 4th District.


Stop Adam Hill/SLO Progressives

Retain Prop. 13 Property Tax Protections

Reject Neophyte Jimmy Paulding

Spot on, George. And I would add- although he is not as far right as Lynn, casting a vote for Jeff Eckles in the 2nd district to ouster Bruce will do this county good. I donated to his campaign at http://www.jeffeckles.org and so should you if you believe Bruce has got to go.

Thank you, MBFOG!

Yes, supporting Mr. Jeff Eckles in the 2nd District is important, and the voters deserve better than Bruce Gibson. If Supervisor Bruce Gibson will not even be true to his own wife, do you really think he will be true to taxpayers?

Support Mr. Jeff Eckles in the SLO County 2nd District on Election day, Tuesday, June 5th.


Dump Adam Hill ASAP

Dump Adulterer Bruce Gibson

Do NOT support Liar Jimmy Paulding