Large Monterey County opium poppy grow busted

May 15, 2018

Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies destroyed thousands of opium poppy plants over the weekend that were being grown in a field in Moss Landing. [Cal Coast Times]

Last week, sheriff’s investigators learned of the grow site and confirmed that the plants were indeed Papaver Somniferum, commonly known as opium poppies. Deputies then destroyed about one acre of poppies.

The grow contained approximately 27,000 opium poppy plants and another 16,500 harvested plants. Sheriff’s officials say straws from the harvested plants can still be used to produce various types of illicit opiate products.

If left untouched, the grow would have produced a yield of approximately 13 pounds of raw opium, which could then be converted into slightly less than a pound and a half of heroin, according to the sheriff’s office. A pound and a half of heroin has a street value of approximately $45,000.

Officials say the process of cultivating poppies for heroin production can be repeated on the same plot of land for up to three cycles a year.

The sheriff’s office has not identified any suspects in the case. However, it says the case will be forwarded to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution of those involved in the operation.

Sheriff’s officials say the case shows their commitment to battling the opioid epidemic that both local communities and the nation are facing. Investigators ask that anyone who has information about the case contact the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.


“Sheriff’s officials say the case shows their commitment to battling the opioid epidemic that both local communities and the nation are facing.”

What a crock of chit! Most of the opioid crisis is caused by over prescribing prescribed opioids; then when the prescription ends and the Pill Pusher Doc won’t give you another and you’re addicted it’s off the connections house where you’re likely to get something cut with fentanyl, the substance actually killing most of those who overdose.

The policing should start with the manufacturers of legal opioids, their practice of flooding certain market areas with the chit and the Docs who are known to be Pill Pushers! Have those idiots face the same charges and consequences as any other “pusher” and then you can honestly say you’re doing battle with the root cause of this epidemic. Cuttin’ down a small crop of poppies that will only produce a relatively small amount of heroin is media day chit…

Jorge Estrada

The drug industry continues to grow, what next? In my opinion the NRA would regard this stuff to be the real lethal weapon as it aimlessly takes lives.


Aimlessly? Don’t tell that to the folks who take aim at the veins in their bodies to ingest this stuff…

NRA, that was a joke, right? Or are you actually saying the NRA aims at taking lives? I think it was the latter Jorge, and at least someone recognizes it, the NRA, for what it is.