Cal Poly professor accused of looking up professor’s dress

June 18, 2018

Jason Alan Williams

A Cal Poly psychology professor whose research field includes covert communication allegedly used his phone to look up a female professor’s dress. [KSBY]

The incident occurred on May 2 in a faculty office building, university officials say. Cal Poly police arrested Jason Alan Williams, 52, shortly after the incident.

Last week, San Luis Obispo County prosecutors charged Williams with a misdemeanor count of peeping with a concealed device with intent to arouse. Williams faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Williams is an associate professor in the psychology and child development, according to the Cal Poly website. He has taught at Cal Poly since 2008, according to his resume.

Courses Williams has taught at the university include general psychology, research methods and memory and cognition.

Williams’ research interests include nonverbal and covert communication, including eye movements and the role of emotion in these processes. He is also interested in researching the role of emotion on electronic communication, according to the university website.

University officials say Williams was not teaching at Cal Poly during the spring quarter. Officials have not said whether the university is taking administrative action against the professor.

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“peeping with a concealed device with intent to arouse”…. Arouse who? Himself or the victim? How would one know which? How would you prove intent? There’s probably a “rub” in this story that isn’t being reported…

Next time you’re on the calpoly campus and can’t fight off that urge to do some upskirting, make sure you paint your face black first. If you do that, the admin will write it off as free speech.

“Williams’ research interests include …covert communication”. I think its time for a new hobby before you block gets knocked off slick!

Another under the category of: You can’t make this up.

This is worthy of national coverage.