Two new luxury hotels coming soon to downtown SLO

June 18, 2018

Two luxury hotels are expected to open in downtown San Luis Obispo by early 2019. [Cal Coast Times]

As part of the Chinatown development on the northern edge of downtown SLO, Hotel San Luis Obispo is under construction and scheduled to open this coming winter. Hotel San Luis Obispo, or the SLO Hotel, as it is also called, is located at 995 Morro Street.

Hotel San Luis Obispo construction

Upon completion, the hotel will feature 78 rooms and suites with views of surrounding mountains and hotel gardens. Hotel San Luis Obispo will also include two on-site restaurants, a spa, garden courtyard, gym and event and meeting facilities for up to 350 guests.

In the downtown core area, construction is underway on Hotel Serra, which is expected to open in early 2019. Located at 1125 Garden Street, Hotel Serra will consist of 65 luxury rooms and suites with views of downtown SLO, surrounding mountains and the hotel’s edible gardens.

Hotel Serra will also have a Brasserie restaurant, spa, gym, rooftop pool and bar and private party and meeting facilities for up to 60 guests.

Both of the new hotels come amid a wave of development and large projects all around the city of SLO. Critics are accusing city officials of approving numerous developments in order to raise tax revenue at a time in which SLO is trying to overcome budget shortfalls.

In particular, the two hotel projects are drawing criticism from some residents who are upset over views that will now be obstructed, as well as increasing development in the downtown.

Hotel Serra construction



starting to get that contrarian feel that the next housing recession is right around the corner. This confirms it.


I am very excited that these luxury hotels are coming in, and I hope more will follow. We have a severe lack of good hotels in town. We need them to keep our city and county vibrant. We’re on the tourism map now, and we need to capitalize on it and bring in higher end tourists. Not to mention a more bustling downtown helps promote our area for more businesses to move here.


In very short order the only good views in SLO will be from hotels.

Leave town to see the mountains or pay TOT tax to catch a glimpse…sad.

fat chance

I know i’m sounding like a broken record but where is the water coming from. All I ever hear about is water restrictions. How are they suppose to stop a paying customer from taking a 30 minutes shower?

Rich in MB

Just what SLO needs….more Hotels and less affordable housing….typical wrong thinking but hey….the Bed Tax generates more money for the City than affordable housing…so bingo!


Rich, Rich, Rich… You wanna know what the real quagmire here is? Where are the folks who are gonna be employed at these overpriced symbols of misspent dollars be living? In SLO? Where? They probably won’t be able to even stay a night at the place they work in let alone find a place to call home in SLO.

The town I live in, a large tourist destination in Oregon, we have three motels, two RV parks and tons of camping locations and the town was looking for an investment in it’s future, guess what happened? After debate after debate on how to best facilitate this with no real answers, but with a piece of property targeted, a local farmer came in and solved the problem. The property being targeted was promptly bought by the farmer, six months later we have the most beautiful park a kid could ever imagine playing in, and on the farmers dime (including the continued upkeep of the park)! He flatly stated the best investment for our community was in it’s kids and elderly and backed it up with his dollars! What a concept, right? One that SLO easily ignores while trying to be the next Newport Beach, Malibu or other “Destination Location”….

There should be a change in SLO’s “Not For Ourselves Alone” city motto…


“They probably won’t be able to even stay a night at the place they work in let alone find a place to call home in SLO.”

Sure, let’s make a law that says that all employees of a hotel must be able to get a room at a rate they can afford. Sounding a bit socialist to me. More than a bit.