Junior high teacher sentenced to 30 days for lewd act in Cal Poly library

June 22, 2018

A former Guadalupe junior high school teacher will spend a couple weeks in San Luis Obispo County Jail for committing a lewd act in the Cal Poly library. [Cal Coast Times]

On Oct. 18, 2017, Cal Poly police arrested James Ungricht, then 35, described as a solo sex act, which reportedly occurred on Oct. 3. Prosecutors said there were no victims, only witnesses.

At the time, Ungricht was a math teacher at Kermit McKenzie Junior High School. He was also a graduate student at Cal Poly.

On Thursday, Ungricht received a sentence of 30 days in jail. However, Ungricht received 50 percent credit, as well as one day served, meaning he will spend about two weeks behind bars.

Ungricht’s sentence also includes three years of formal, supervised probation and mandatory counseling. He is also prohibited from coming within 100 yards of the Cal Poly campus.

The Guadalupe Union School District immediately placed Ungricht on administrative leave after receiving notification of his arrest. Ungricht resigned from his teaching position at a school board meeting in January.


Another news article has the full details of exactly what James was accused of, which was giving the appearance of rubbing himself through his clothes. Another person in the library observed this, felt uncomfortable, and reported him. He never exposed himself and he didn’t have his hand inside his pants, nor did he attempt to touch or harass anyone else.

Sure, this isn’t polite, well-mannered behavior, but to call this a “sex act” and throw the book at him seems like a big stretch. Maybe he just had a bad case of jock itch? In any case, now this guy had to resign from his teaching job, was banned from campus which will prevent him from completing his degree, and has to serve 10 days in jail, all because someone else felt “uncomfortable”. This seems to be quite an unjust punishment for essentially adjusting your junk through your clothes in public, something almost all men have done at some point in their lives. Far worse things go unpunished at your typical college frat party.


The Cal Poly administration has a high-paying job waiting for you. You’ll fit in that crowd seamlessly.


So was he choking his chicken in the library?

If yes, fire him!


One of his fine students told him to go, well you know, himself and the rest is history?.


I’m sure he’ll be back in class with all the children again soon. The teacher’s union is just too strong.


That is why it is called a TEACHERS union and not a Students Union. The union exists to benefit teachers first and foremost. Any benefits students may receive from the existence of the teachers union is purely collateral and indirect.