Lynn Compton wins supervisor seat by 60 votes, election certified

June 22, 2018

Supervisor Lynn Compton

Supervisor Lynn Compton has officially won reelection in the hotly contested District 4 supervisor race, according to the final tally by the SLO County Clerk Recorder’s Office.

Compton beat Democrat Jimmy Paulding by a slim margin of 60 votes, walking away with 9,192 votes or 50.16 percent. Compton’s reelection retains a conservative balance of power on the board

Compton’s election ends a race marred by mudslinging that has attracted a record amount of campaign contributions.

On one side was Jimmy Paulding, a political newcomer who was supported by supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson and promoted by the SLO County Progressives. Paulding was seen as a third vote for Hill and Gibson and their plans to hand North County water management rights over to a small group of wealthy land owners.

Compton, a Republican, touted her accomplishments in bringing fees for parks back to District 4, while working to reduce crime and lower building fees and taxes.

The two candidates clashed on several issues. Paulding accused Compton of supporting fracking, which he claimed was ongoing in the county. He also claimed crime was up 400 percent under Comptons leadership. However, there is no fracking for oil in SLO County and crime is down in District 4, according to sheriff department statistics.

During the campaign, Compton referred to Paulding as a “kid” with only three endorsements on his campaign page. However, Paulding, 32, listed 13 organizations, 20 public officials and dozens of individuals under endorsements on his website..

District 4 includes Arroyo Grande, Nipomo and Oceano.

Jorge Estrada

When you look at the votes one could say it was close, but when you consider that the progressive’s put their best face forward, forged by their hyper tactics and arm twisting for votes the best they could do was to come close. Had the two candidates put forth equal efforts the victor would have been the same but with a much larger spread. Congrats to Lynn.


So the SLO County Progressives were 0-3 despite all the dirty tricks, Trib all-in support, street protests and countless letters and editorials in the “paper of record”. What that means is that the SLO County voters are not LA, NYC or SF voters. They vote with their minds, not their hearts.

Of the three, Paulding was the good candidate who actually presented himself as reasonable, likable, intelligent and learned (if naive). This is why he came close to toppling an incumbent. If he had distanced himself from the Trib and Progressives he probably would have won.

George Bailey


I had every confidence that, ultimately, the electorate in the 4th district would realize that an inexperienced Jimmy Paulding allowed his campaign to be hijacked by the nefarious SLO Progressives, who wanted to win the seat to create a 3-2 liberal SLO County board of supervisor’s majority.

Our beloved SLO County is way better off with a moderate/conservative board majority, and working families simply cannot afford the liberal prescription of high taxes, bloated government and limits on personal freedom.

Congratulations to Supervisor Lynn Compton!



This should be a wakeup call for Landslide Lynn.

The demographics and voter registrations for this County and especially her own District are changing. She might want to start representing Centrist positions instead of marching lockstep with the other two conservatives to push a conservative agenda for the county.

My prediction is that four years from now a Democrat will be elected to that seat unless Lynn starts to become the Swing Vote on the board.



You are absolutely right.

I’m sick of California Poly Students forming our county into a mini Berkeley, then moving back to home with Mom.

Adam Hill needs to go away, and take that Pinhead Mayor of SLO with him.

Mitch C

Jimmy don’t go away mad, just go away. Now it is time to pick a serious, electable conservative to represent District 3. Those of us who care about country, county and our way of life need to get behind someone to replace Adam Hill.


Congratulations, Lynn. I’m glad you won!


When first met Lynn, I was disappointed with Politics.

She told me how important my vote is.

Lynn absolutely for told the Future that day.

I am so happy for Lynn.

Republicans better get their act together.

The Lousy Progressives of SLO and Jerry’s Jokers are on the move.

The whole State of California is circling the Financial drain.